Start desktop recording each day


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I'm new to OBS... is there a way to have OBS start to record the full desktop for 16 hours each day?

I'd like to have the recording start at 8am and stop at midnight on a single desktop and do that every day for one week.



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Set up hotkeys for start and stop recording. Make sure the option to confirm when starting/stopping recording is disabled in advanced options.

From there, you can invoke a hotkey to perform the action however you'd like.

For example, you can set up an AHK script to invoke a hotkey (create one for each that you have set up... this one is for Ctrl-F11):

Send {Ctrl Down}{F11 Down}
Sleep, 50
Send {F11 Up}{Ctrl Up}
Then, you can use Task Scheduler to run the script at the specified times.