1. B

    Question / Help Mic keeps cutting/skipping after a couple minutes of recording

    Hey guys recently I built a new pc and so far i've been able to stream really good. I use streamlabsOBS because it's easier to use. Now the problem I'm having is that when I stream my audio gets all buggy. ONLY my mic audio. My friends can hear me all fine but through the software it gets all...
  2. Cattigan619

    Bug Report OBS Studio Microphone glitch

    Hello I was streaming not long ago.And an hour in I noticed my yeti mic was not picking up audio. It wasn't muted in obs or the microphone itself, the volume was turned up all the way but the wavelengths to show the audio going up and down wasn't. And OBS did say that my mic was connected and...
  3. G

    Question / Help My mic is not working on stream

    So I Stream regularly every day and one day my mic cannot be heard on stream and my discord friends can hear me and the audio levels are going up and down in stream labs obs and the mic is not muted. This is probably a simple fix but I cannot find it on the internet. Can someone help?
  4. A

    Question / Help When I enable my mic, sound goes out for me, but OBS says its picking it up.

    All sound for me goes out. I'm trying to stream a videogame but I can't listen to the audio of the game, and this only happens when I enable my mic. I know OBS is picking it up cause I made a recording and my voice and game audio were in the recording. I'm new at all this sort of stuff so I...
  5. TurtlesBeast23

    Question / Help OBS sporadically receiving sound through Mic/Aux input, even with no microphone plugged in?

    Hi, so, I'm extremely confused at the moment. It's come to my attention that recently, my studio microphone has begun to produce an extremely loud buzzing noise where my voice is faintly audible and it's irritating to listen to. I've tried multiple ports both front and back, I've tried adding...
  6. J

    Question / Help mic not picking up

    ive gone through every setting i can, ive looked through every forum post about mic's not working, and yet nothing has helped! i have my mic selected to be picked up by obs but it doesnt have a single bit of mic audio, when i stream it sends out a whisper of audio every now and again but thats...
  7. K

    Question / Help Soundcard & Microphone Problems

    Hey Gang! Having a bit of trouble with my microphone setup and hoping people can tell me where I'm going wrong? So basically whenever I use my soundcard & mic (Line 6 Toneport UX2) it comes out EXTREMELY crackly on streams to the point you cant even hear what's being said and it didn't use to...
  8. K

    Question / Help How to Set Up OBS with Restream + External Mic and Using iPhone for Camera

    Hi Everyone, This is my first post so firstly...hello! I'm setting up to do live video to a few platforms simultaneously using OBS, Restream, iPhone 8 as my camera and an external mic (AT2020 USB). I had been using my mic using a USB cable and an iphone female USB to iphone adapter going...
  9. Y

    Question / Help Microphone problems

    Having trouble getting my mic working *worked before* with Studio, I have set it to listen to make sure the mic is working, and I can hear myself..I turn it off, set the mic line to what my heatset mic is..And nothing,the bar doesn't even move at all
  10. P

    Question / Help Weird Audio Chop? //not quite sure if it's a bug, i could just be blind

    Hi! So this has been an issue for a year or so, so it's not caused by any recent updates as far as I know. I've been trying to record with my Blue Yeti Microphone but the audio that comes out when I watch the video back is really weird, choppy almost? It isn't a problem with the mic since I've...
  11. H

    Question / Help Whenever I open OBS, my mic stops working!

    Hi, So I just tried to get back on OBS today to record some stuff as I wanna get back into YouTube. For some reason, whenever I launch OBS, my mic stops picking up any sort of noise into my PC, and even in the audio settings it shows that there is no input, but when I close OBS, my mic starts...
  12. GermanLetsPlay

    Question / Help Weird Microphone "Bug"

    Hey I got a new preamp, (https://www.uaudio.de/audio-interfaces/apollo-twin-usb.html) which it seems like, OBS cannot detect. I had a similiar problem with TS, which I managed to fix through changing my sound to "direct sound". But I cannot find any method for OBS, so that it detects my...
  13. D

    Question / Help Hollow Mic Audio on Recordings Only

    Re-posting this because the last one has no input/feedback and I'm at the end of my ropes: I stream on twitch and suddenly when I plugged in my c920 Webcam my audio on playback in OBS becomes hollowed, as if I'm speaking in a giant concert hall or bathroom. This happens without logitech...
  14. D

    Question / Help Headset / Mic Problems

    So I have two things plugged in, a headset and a fully functioning microphone, yet when I try to choose what I want to use for recording audio, the only options I get are default and Realtek High Quality Sound. I try both but for some reason it defines the headset as the default even though I...
  15. E

    Question / Help Audio offsync not working on microphone

    So i'm trying to stream with elgato hd60 and as we all know it has a small delay, so i went and set my microphone offsync to 1500 to match with elgato but obs literally ignores de offsync and just records the microphone in real time, I tried using offsync with the elgato audio and it worked...