Question / Help Soundcard & Microphone Problems


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Hey Gang!

Having a bit of trouble with my microphone setup and hoping people can tell me where I'm going wrong?

So basically whenever I use my soundcard & mic (Line 6 Toneport UX2) it comes out EXTREMELY crackly on streams to the point you cant even hear what's being said and it didn't use to have this problem so I don't know if it's because of an update or such. If you watch my Bayonetta play through you can see what I mean (

Anywho I thought it might be because of the mic so used a different one but had the same issue but thought okay both are old so decided to buy a new mic and still having the same issues but only with Streamlabs OBS. All my other programs I use this card and mic for work fine so it's definitely not the equipment.

What also seems to be the issue is I have to add a couple of gain filters so the mic can even be heard although I had to do this before.

If anyone knows whats up and how to fix this it would be extremely helpful as it's putting people off my streams and I want my viewers to have a great quality sound to listen to as well.

Thank you x