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    USB1820 external sound card

    Hi everyone! I've come to ask for a little help because I'm really tired... I would like to make some lives with my drum. I have an external sound card UMC1820 which is plugged in usb on my pc. When I go to the sound settings on my PC, in recording I have my microphone with my UMC1820 card as...
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    Mac: OBS not seeing ext soundcard on desktop audio

    Hi I'm sure this has been discussed previously - and hop you can advise please? I'm on a 2019 MacBook Pro OS Mojave OBS isn't seeing either go my ext soundcards native Instrumens audio 2 or Saffire 6 on 'desktop audio, but is on Mic/Aux (at half volume)... WHY? And any fix?? Thanks so much :)
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    Question / Help Help streaming 3DS Audio

    So utilizing 3DS NTR Custom Firmware, I am able to stream 3DS Video to my PC and capture that with OBS. And using a double-sided audio jack, I am able to get in-game audio. Problem is, if I plug it in I don't get my built-in mic. I would only get the 3DS Audio. I was told elsewhere that I could...
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    Question / Help Soundcard & Microphone Problems

    Hey Gang! Having a bit of trouble with my microphone setup and hoping people can tell me where I'm going wrong? So basically whenever I use my soundcard & mic (Line 6 Toneport UX2) it comes out EXTREMELY crackly on streams to the point you cant even hear what's being said and it didn't use to...
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    Question / Help Two soundcards for monitoring

    Hi guys, I am using OBS for a live performance of small rock/pop choir. It handles multi tracks with backing tracks and video projection. My problem is now that I want to use mutliple soundcards for backing track and sync click. Since now I used monitoring option to just put the track audio...