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Hello. I wasn't sure where else to ask about this, but I'm struggling to find an answer anywhere else. My microphone (AT2020 XLR) has a habit of cutting out or skipping my words randomly, and it only seems to happen when I stream or record with OBS. I'm using a Scarlet Solo (2nd Edition) audio interface and some cheap XLR cable I picked up on Amazon. You can hear it in this clip, when I saw the words "a classroom".

Log file:

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Please do the following before tackling your current problem, as it may be related:

1) Update Windows 10;

2) Update your OBS manually to the latest version;

4) Under your windows 10 settings, "Gaming" category, disable every single option you find in every subcategory, in particular "game mode";

4) Test with a fresh scene collection with only game capture as a source. it's not recommended to have more than one capture source per scene so split them up between different scenes. In other words, game capture on one scene, display capture on another, etc...


Lets go through the basic stuff first, the clip isn't very long but it may be a USB Dropout

Sample Rate - 16 or 24bit 48000 Hz for both the Recording and Playback Device


OBS - 48 kHz


Disable the Webcam Microphone


You have 2 capture devices, one at 1080p and another at 480p, you also have the Scarlett and an older Intel board so you may not even have many USB 3.0 ports.
If possible try to load balance your capture devices. If you have USB 3.0 ports(They're Blue), put your webcam and capture card on the 3.0 ports at the back.
Put your Scarlett, Keyboard and Mouse in the 2.0 ports (They're black).

You can also reduce the resolution of your webcam to 720p

Barring all that, Focusrite doesn't have the best reputation for drivers on Windows 10, you can trying looking for beta drivers or newer ones.