Question / Help Logi H600 headset audio not creating any sound...

Hello, I was wanting to try and create a video and try and test things out with my video, audio, and all the sorts.
My only problem at this moment is that in the latest OBS Studio I have it appears when I set all default settings for the mic/aux to my Logitec H600 headset, I see the little audio dot light up and change from colors when it picks up heavier audio, but nor in my test recording or in the general window does it actually pick up any audio.

Although bare with me that I may not understand the fullest of thing of the OBS Studio or settings of things since I am new to a recorder program like this, but it seems a bit complicated for me when it is between my headset, my computer, and the program that seem to all make a difference to show how it is supposed to work.

Here is the log for my tested session and such of the program:


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21:23:48.367: source 'Mic/Aux' enabled push-to-talk
Are you pressing your PTT hotkey?

What does the mixer section of OBS look like? (It should be in the bottom-middle, with horizontal bars for each audio source)
I tried the push to talk key, nothing at all.
And here

That dot is green indicating it is on and working, but nothing is going through.