1. X

    i can hear my headset audio throuth my mic

    when i'm for example in a vc on discord/watching some yt vid i can see that my mic is peeking my headset audio (i have headphones) idk why, i tried installing fresh audio drivers didn't help. When i'm listening to music it's only occational clicks but when someone is talking it's terrible
  2. TraineeTanker

    No mike added to obs but I still hear It in my headset

    I have scoured the Deepest corners of YouTube and dove off a cliff in the forums. So, I keep hearing my mike in my headset and I cannot get it gone, when I'm streaming my voice comes back at me and trips me up in live streams. Inside OBS I added a Mike, but viewers told me there is an...
  3. B

    No audio after unmuting headset mic

    Hi all - Could use some audio help with my new headset. I purchased a Logitech G535 wired headset and set it up with OBS. It has a built in mute button if I ever need to go on mute. But when I go to unmute it, OBS doesn't pick up any levels. I'm not sure if it tries to switch to another audio...
  4. P

    Microphone Audio Issue

    I just purchased the Logitch G X Pro Wired headset. After plugging it in and updating everything, OBS was picking up my desktop audio properly, but for my microphone audio it picked up my mic AND the desktop audio… never used a headset with a mic built in like this for OBS how do i resolve this?
  5. J

    Headset audio vs. Game capture device audio

    So I’m having trouble using my Razer headset on my gaming pc while using stream labs on my stream pc. When I have the audio come through my headset, the audio doesn’t come through stream labs. But when I unplug them, the audio come through stream labs. I wasn’t sure if there was an obs setting...
  6. O

    OBS Doesn't recognize my KRAKEN X RAZER headset.

    When I go into the Settings - Audio-Desktop Audio- my headset isn't there. Been doing every thing I can see of to fix it, nothing works. Any help would be great.
  7. C

    OBS won't record sound from the mic on my headset

    I'm using OBS to record clips in games, but in the replays I always hear my laptop fan running which is super loud. How can I make it so that it only captures the desktop sound and the mic on my headset? Also, for some reason, I can't find my headset in the playback devices, so if there is a fix...
  8. P

    Webcam causing popping/static noise in my headset

    Hello, I tried a lot of fixes found in previous posts but none worked for me so I'm making a thread myself. I recently got a webcam and added it to my scenes (that had no static noise issue before that) and ever since I hear a very annoying popping/static noise in my headset. The noise only...
  9. O

    How can I listen to my gameplay through my headphones and record it at the same time?

    I have been struggling to figure out how to record both mic input audio, AND gameplay sound that I hear through my headset simultaneously on my iMac with OBS. I have basically tried everything on the internet so if you have a solution to my problem, it would be much appreciated if you could...
  10. P

    Desktop Audio is stuttering & has reverb please help!

    Hello everyone, I'm new to OBS and wanted to record some gameplays. While setting up OBS i figured out that there is a problem with my desktop audio. I did research on the www and tried nearly ever possible configuration in the settings but it doesn't solve the problem. It would really help me...
  11. M

    iPad Game audio to my headset is delayed

    So far I think i got everything working good the recordings sound good with game sound n mic. But idk how to actually hear my game in real time as I play without a sec delay. Idk where to plug my headset in to the pc or to my capture card adaptor? I only get sound when hooked into the 3.5mm on...
  12. T

    Question / Help Audio Randomly Cuts Out

    Hi all, Sometimes when I stream, audio cuts out from my head set for a few seconds, then returns extremely delayed (by like 2 or 3 seconds). I looked through the log file attached and I noticed 2 lines that say the headset gets "invalidated" and then reconnects. The headset is running the most...
  13. W

    Question / Help Audio Help: Trying to split aux jack to separate headphone and mic source

    My headset mic quality isn't the best, but I have a lapel mic that sounds good, so I was trying to use that but I still need headphones. Both of these use the 1 aux port I have on my laptop. I've tried before but OBS doesn't seem to register it as both a mic and headphones, even when I select...
  14. 8

    Question / Help Audio Issue - Game audio is distorted in my headset while streaming/recording

    Hi guys. I recently purchased an Elgato HD60 S and I'm using OBS to stream my console gaming to Twitch. I am using a headset directly to a sound jack on my pc for microphone and to hear in game audio. The sound on stream is perfect but the live game audio is distorted in my headphones while I...
  15. I

    Question / Help Friends in Discord don’t sound very good on Twitch stream

    While streaming on Twitch I am trying to figure out why my friends in discord sound perfectly clear to me through my headset but on my stream their voices do not sound very clear. How can I make them sound crisp and clear on stream like they do in my headset?
  16. S

    Question / Help Logi H600 headset audio not creating any sound...

    Hello, I was wanting to try and create a video and try and test things out with my video, audio, and all the sorts. My only problem at this moment is that in the latest OBS Studio I have it appears when I set all default settings for the mic/aux to my Logitec H600 headset, I see the little audio...
  17. L

    Question / Help Trying to record with a 7.1 headset.

    Is it actually worth trying to record with OBS while using a 7.1 headset? I currently have a Logitech G930(Looking to buy a Corsair Void Pro or a Logitech G533, also 7.1) and record in surround sound. When I watch the recording back, there is always an echo of everything happening, sometimes...
  18. S

    Question / Help VR headset fps lowered when obs is running

    rig info : gtx 1080 8gb VRAM in an eGPU setup with a spectre x360 ae010tu ( i7 8th gen U series ) 16gb of ram HP windows mixed reality headset settings: ( using obs just to record not to stream ) bitrate:2500 encoder: x264 problem: Obs recording footage looks nice but in VR it looks not...
  19. A

    Question / Help HyperX Cloud Alpha sounds echoy in recordings, unsure what to do.

    Hello all, and welcome to my post. I really would like to get into streaming, but I have noticed a huge problem when I start recording or streaming: my mic sounds like garbage. I know that headset mics are not the best, but for now this is what I have, so I am trying to make the best of it. I...
  20. D

    Question / Help Headset / Mic Problems

    So I have two things plugged in, a headset and a fully functioning microphone, yet when I try to choose what I want to use for recording audio, the only options I get are default and Realtek High Quality Sound. I try both but for some reason it defines the headset as the default even though I...