Question / Help Trying to record with a 7.1 headset.


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Is it actually worth trying to record with OBS while using a 7.1 headset?

I currently have a Logitech G930(Looking to buy a Corsair Void Pro or a Logitech G533, also 7.1) and record in surround sound. When I watch the recording back, there is always an echo of everything happening, sometimes like as if it were recorded under water. I have been reading post upon post around the internet about this and still haven't found a workaround for this problem. People have switched from surround sound to stereo on their headsets to avoid the reverb(?). But I didn't buy a decent headset to NOT use one of the main features of it.

Are there any fixes for this yet? Are OBS going to have the ability to record in 7.1?

I used to stream a while back with my current headset and had no problems, so I don't know where it went wrong. Obviously, if I watch a video that I've recorded in surround sound, with surround sound still on then I'm going to make it worse. But if I create a video where surround sound was used to record and I upload that to YouTube, will anyone watching that video, with surround sound turned on, get the same effect that I have watching the video I created?

This has had me stumped for over a week now! So thank you for any help/information!!
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"Awaiting approval before being displayed publicly."

You seriously have to approve each new post on a software forum?! What kind of people are posting on this forum to force your hand in to having to check each and every new topic...?

I just wanted an answer in a timely fashion as I'm waiting on an answer before purchasing a new headset. Now I'm having to wait for someone to approve my original post, waiting around like a fool... ahaha! wow.


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Not sure why you assume every post has to be approved, because they don't. The anti-spam measures sometimes have false positives.

And yes OBS has support for 7.1, but you have to actually set OBS to 7.1 in Settings -> Audio. This only applies to headsets that actually output 7.1 audio, not the ones that use some kind of simulated surround effect. The device's drivers have to actually make the device appear as a 7.1 audio device to Windows.

I'm not sure Youtube supports it though or how they resample it back to stereo.
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