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  1. HowlRound Theatre Commons

    Question / Help Disadvantages of using OBS Studio on a MacBook Pro (16-inch, 2019) ?

    What are the disadvantages, if any, of using OBS Studio (24.0.6) on a MacBook Pro (16-inch, 2019) that's running MacOS 10.15 (Catalina)— compared to an equally spec'd Windows laptop? I believe one disadvantage is the lack of ease in using "desktop" audio on a Mac, if, for example, you wanted to...
  2. G

    Question / Help I want to watch videos while streaming or recording

    hello i have a mac and all i want to do is watch like movie trailers and music videos but every time i do it, it mainly lags back and and is likes like 20fps it lags i been trying to figure it out for years and no one has help and its probely the most easy thing to do can some one help me with...
  3. F

    Question / Help Lagging ps4 remote play through OBS on Mac

    Hi all, I'm trying to stream PS4 remote play with OBS studio to Twitch. I've set up through tutorials etc. On my Mac Remote Play app there is no lag but when streaming/viewing through OBS Studio there is lag and the video isn't smooth. Upon looking at my log there maybe an issue with my frames...
  4. M

    Bug Report The Window Capture is broken! PLEASE FIX THIS NOW!!!

    I know I've made this post already but it's been a while and I feel the need to post this again, especially after the update. The Window Capture is broken and needs to be fixed immediately! I can't display Google Chrome, Preview, TextEdit, Notes, etc. It only shows the windows on OBS. My Video...
  5. B

    Question / Help OBS Studio 24.0.6 (24.0.6) macOS Catalina crash

    1. Start OBS Studio by double click the icon, wait about 10 minutes then crash. 2. Start OBS Studio via command line(open /Applications/ --args -picture), wait about 10 minutes then crash. Crash Log [click]->Pastbin Configuration: macOS Catalina Version 10.15.2 (18C57) Mac mini (2018)...
  6. J

    Question / Help Newbie video question

    Hi All, I need some help/advice on something that has been asked of me to have ready by Saturday!!! I have a MacBook Pro and I need to play a loop video of starts in the sky and at a certain time I need to show a picture in picture (video file) in the middle of the screen. Once the video is...
  7. X

    Question / Help Can get Mic audio

    Hey guys, So I just setup everything for my OBS to stream to twitch but it isn't picking up the audio from my mic. My mic works with the computer and game capture hd. Does anyone know what the problem could be and how to fix it?
  8. Bearzy_Boop

    Question / Help OBS Mic/Aux no sound

    So this started to happen when my mac was updated. My mic isn't coming through OBS, it's working everywhere else?? I'm so god damn confused, I tried to take mic permissions away from obs and give it back but that didn't work, reinstalled it, that didn't work, restarted my mac... didn't...
  9. P

    Question / Help OBS Mic Audio and iShowu audio not working 2019

    simply my audio for ishowu and my blue yeti isn't coming through. The mic isn't muted I checked sound settings and on audacity and Fl studios the audio can be recorded just fine. Heres my last log file- (it crashed) Heres my current log file-...
  10. Wizu

    Question / Help Since new Mac update, screen capture is no longer working!

    As the title already says, my obs doesn't work anymore since I installed the new Mac update: Catalina. This also affects other programs and games. I tried a lot of tutorials on youtube but it is still not working. I am out of solutions and thats why I am posting this. I hope someone can help...
  11. L

    Question / Help OBS not displaying video capture device?

    I'm currently transitioning from PC to Mac and have ran into a bit of a problem. When trying to add a video capture device (i.e my in-built camera), nothing shows up despite it working with several other applications. In addition OBS crashes whenever I try to add the device with presets on...
  12. Y

    Question / Help Video Capture Device Preset: "High" meaning? is that 1080p?

    my M50 is connected to my Mac via elgato camlink and I'm just wondering what quality is the preset settings named "high"? because there's 1280x720, 960x540, etc and then there's high. I'm curious because there's no 1920x1080 so is that the 'high'?
  13. TerribleHumanz

    Question / Help Mac w/ Mojave > Logic Pro X > Ishowu > OBS - No Sound

    Having the damnedest time sorting this issue out. I have intentionally NOT upgraded to El Capatian and have been fighting the OBS upgrade requests so as to give the team time to work on a proper upgrade. I'm new to all this, including livestreaming, so be gentle. I've only known of OBS for...
  14. ck123pm

    Compiled successfully but failed to run under Mac os

    I executed cmake .. && make according to the official compilation instructions. Then i go to build/rundir/RelWithDebInfo/bin, type ./obs to run. However, the obs process exit with "Illegal instruction: 4". plz help me, thanks.
  15. sonarsystems

    Question / Help OBS Crashes When Registering On A Website

    I am a programmer and am creating a programming tutorial on how to create a registration form, when I go to register a user it keeps crashing for some reason. I thought for some odd reason it maybe have been just my website but it also occurred the same on Facebook during the registration form...
  16. H

    Question / Help Webcam is blurry, low FPS, and has poor lighting when using my macbook

    I am using a Microsoft Lifecam HD 3000 on my macbook air and it is giving me a very low FPS-everything is really blurry when I do any fast movements. Also, the lighting is too bright and it is hard to see anything. It is also rather fuzzy. Should I just buy a new, more expensive webcam if I...
  17. T

    Question / Help PS4 RemotePlay (No capture card) No party sound on OBS

    Hey everyone, I'm trying to RemotePlay Stream from my PS4 to my Mac, which works fine when it's just me, but I cannot get party audio to work. I downloaded iShowU, which when added as an Audio output was greyed out, it wouldn't let me configure or add anything. Then I downloaded Soundflower...
  18. D

    Question / Help Trying to install NDI plugin - Runtime V3 not found

    Hello, I'm trying to install the NDI macOS plugin and I'm just running into zero success. Does that currently work with the any of the 23? I did have 23.2.1 installed and downgraded to see if maybe that was the problem. I'm wanting to use this to bring in Skype NDI calls but I can't get...
  19. L

    Bug Report problems con OBS en mac book pro mensaje failed to find locale/en-us.ini

    hello I have a problem, I was doing tests to work with OBS and when I re-opened the program from nowhere I throw the following error already do everything indicated in the forums without getting it to work, as data; I had other software that also stopped working, such is the case of propresenter...
  20. W

    Question / Help hauppauge hd pvr "49001"

    I have a hauppauge hd pvr "49001" and a Mac. I want to stream my Xbox 360 gameplay and I don't know where to start. I have everything plugged in. I just need some help