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    Question / Help Lag issues

    Hi, I'm new to OBS, and I recently just got it. I tried recording Minecraft, but it turns out kind of low quality, and with quite a bit of lag in the recording (.mov). My bitrate is 2500kb and (I don't know if this is helpfuI) still have about 26gb left on my mac. Please help, thank you. Oh yeah...
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    Question / Help Mic/desktop echo while streaming

    Hello I’ve gathered that most people have encountered this problem where while streaming you hear an echo from both desktop and mic. I don’t have my stream open anywhere else and I have my desktop mic as the only audio source. It was working yesterday (the day I installed it) and just suddenly...
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    Question / Help Is my Macbook Pro garbage? Audio Issues

    Hey! I made an account just so I could try to get some feedback on whether or not my computer is just not made for streaming. First off, I think I know a little bit about computers but I'll probably come to find out I know next to nothing. I stream through Mixer from my Macbook Pro using an...
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    Question / Help [SOLVED] OBS w/Canon XA 25 & Blackmagic UltraStudio Mini Recorder - not working

    I was able to setup my system and livestream to Facebook once. As soon as I closed OBS, following the successful livestream, the signal broke and I have not been able to re-establish it. In OBS, I have a black screen when I select the Blackmagic Device source. My system/equipment specs are as...
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    Question / Help Question about hardware encoding for Macbook Pro's & local recording

    Hey everyone, I currently use OBS for local recordings only (no streaming) and ... I'm looking to buy a new laptop (macbook pro) I use it to record two webcam's plus an external mic (2 Logitech Brio's + 1 Yeti mic) into one file. My question is: Does it make a difference what graphics card I...
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    Question / Help No PS4 Sound

    Hey, I recently bought a subsonic capture card. I plugged it in and I added the source on OBS. My problem is that I can’t get the sound of the PS4 (game audio) on OBS. Can someone help me ? I’m on Mac btw. Thank you, have a great day ! SYNOFF
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    Question / Help Please Help, OBS still won't open for me

    I've followed several guides on how to fix this bug but nothing has fixed it. It says that it "Failed to find locale/en-US.ini" and "Failed to load locale" Please can someone help me figure this out. I'm running MacOS 10.14.1 and I assume the latest version of this software as I downloaded it...
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    Question / Help So syphoninject is not working

    So I'm trying to record tf2 but every time I try to inject tf2 it fails and shows the source choice blank, tf2 is running OpenGL but it still does not work, also I run on mac if that helps.
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    Bug Report [MAC] OBS seems to crash unexpectedly at the same hour every night

    This is VERY weird. It seems like my OBS crashes around 10:30PM ET every night. When I relaunch it, it crashes over and over after a random amount of time between 5 seconds and 15 minutes, no matter what i do (I tried deleting the "obs-browser" folder, the whole OBS folder in Application Support...
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    Question / Help Macbook Pro 2018 Overheating

    I have a 15 inch Macbook Pro using OBS to stream to Twitch and its overheating. I am not playing the game just the browser and the Intellij IDE that OBS is streaming. Is there anything in the settings I need change to lower the heating? I have the Default settings.
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    Question / Help Obs Avermedia

    I need help for this please, I have a lag of 1 second on all the windows created how can I regulate that, thanks you
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    Question / Help Help OBS Avermedia

    it's been several consecutive days that I'm looking for and I still can not find a short solution, I stream on OBS using an avermedia and I have a shift of 1s between capture and my voice. I do not know how to fix it, I saw that on the Windows client there was a way to solve it by going into the...
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    Question / Help Green and purple pixels. Help!!

    OBS records and streams this on my Mac. It’s green and purple pixels. Also in the preview for my display capture it’s completely black. Help please!!!
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    Question / Help Looking for HDMI Capture Device for Canon DSLR / GoPro

    I am looking for some way to get a good strong feed from a Canon 77d (I know it doesn't have a clean HDMI output, but its what I got; I'm willing to take the crop) and a GoPro Hero 6 Black. I recently drove an hour to a Best Buy to pick up an Elgato HD60S only to get home with it and realize...
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    Question / Help Microphone audio issues

    Hello, I'm trying to troubleshoot something and I can't figure it out, please help. I just updated to 22.0.3 and my audio is mute. It's registering as working but, when I record or stream and listen to, no audio can be heard. I also tried other sources of audio and the same problem happens...
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    Question / Help Thin black lines on camera input in OBS

    I recently had a livestream using a Sony Fs700 connected from its HDMI output via a blackmagic ultra studio mini then in to the Macs thunderbolt input. Shortly after starting the livestream I noticed some thin black lines on top and in the middle of the screen in OBS (SEE PICTURES ATTACHED)...
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    Bug Report MacOS Mojave v.10.14 Window Capture Flickering

    This flickering has been an issue for a few months now, specifically since August 2018 when Mac had an update that broke Window Capture. I personally need to stream Clip Studio to do work and get paid. Meaning that I need to use Window Capture, Display Capture won't capture the program for some...
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    Question / Help Hotkeys activates when using other program.

    Hey guys, I’m new to the forum, well OBS in general. I have this issue that is driving me crazy!! I’m streaming live (to twitch) and I have OBS open on my screen. I’m playing on my iPad by the way that’s why I keep OBS open on macbook Pro. Sometimes I want to open up a browsers or respond to...
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    Question / Help How do i capture browser source audio

    I had a smart idea for twitch streaming with overlays and stuff on console basically i stream to mixer then i take browser source and then i stream to twitch now don't say i can't do that if i become a partner and stuff i already know plus by then ill actually have money to get the proper...