Question / Help Hotkeys activates when using other program.


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Hey guys, I’m new to the forum, well OBS in general. I have this issue that is driving me crazy!!

I’m streaming live (to twitch) and I have OBS open on my screen. I’m playing on my iPad by the way that’s why I keep OBS open on macbook Pro.

Sometimes I want to open up a browsers or respond to my chat on twitch but as soon as I start typing on chat or anything outside OBS, my hot keys get activated!!!

Anytime I use another program and start typing it happens.

I have for example, W, S as the keys to activated webcam and device capture.

When I type any word with W or S, the webcam and device capture are activated or deactivated !!

It’s so annoying because I want to type without activating my hot keys!

I know I can change the hot keys to numbers and characters but what if I need those too?!!



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Set your hotkeys to use modifiers (command, control, option) or keys you don't use when typing normally (function keys, numeric keypad).