Question / Help PS4 RemotePlay (No capture card) No party sound on OBS


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Hey everyone,

I'm trying to RemotePlay Stream from my PS4 to my Mac, which works fine when it's just me, but I cannot get party audio to work.

I downloaded iShowU, which when added as an Audio output was greyed out, it wouldn't let me configure or add anything.

Then I downloaded Soundflower, which worked when added as an Audio output, but there is still no party sound on OBS.

Can someone help or advise me on what to do, I have tried there OBS discord and the person who replied to me told me it was something I had to figure out myself.

Thanks in advance :)


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If OBS is getting game audio, then iShowU and OBS are working correctly.

The question then is how RemotePlay works with party chat, and I don't have any idea about that. I use an equivalent application for Xbox on Windows, but it has no counterpart on MacOS.

Generally I have achieved this with a hardware solution, by connecting an adapter to the controller and plugging that into an additional USB audio device.