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    i wanna stream from my ps4 through my PC and obs,will a capture card help me?

    Forgive my ignorance guys,i have a very decent PC,i run games like detroit and doom eternal smoothly,but my internet is kinda modest,it can barely handle streaming in 720 and sometimes i have to dial down to 540,i wanna stream from my ps4 but still using the powerful mic on my pc,which my ps4...
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    Question / Help OBS Freeze Crashed Computer

    Hi Everyone, I have been trying to stream some gameplay though my Elgato HD60 S and anywhere between 15 mins and an hour of streaming my computer will freeze and I am forced to do a hard restart. If I am looking at the event logs correctly here are the problem details...
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    Question / Help PS4 RemotePlay (No capture card) No party sound on OBS

    Hey everyone, I'm trying to RemotePlay Stream from my PS4 to my Mac, which works fine when it's just me, but I cannot get party audio to work. I downloaded iShowU, which when added as an Audio output was greyed out, it wouldn't let me configure or add anything. Then I downloaded Soundflower...
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    Question / Help Double Voice ( robot voice ) while steaming

    Hello I am using elgato hd60 pro and PS4 with Astro a40 headset for streaming I use obs studio and an extra rode usb mic I have connected everything correct with Chatlink Kabel from elgato I don’t have any other loops from game or anything else I only have my own voice doubled It is gone...
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    Question / Help Having audio desync when using elgato and Ps4

    I am having a slight desync in the audio while streaming. I am using the elgato and a PS4. I have disabled time-stamps on my mic, and webcam. Anyone know of any fixes for this problem? Sorry for no log file, I am currently at work.
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    Question / Help No sound/audio?

    Hey guys, first time poster/user here! My boyfriend is trying to stream onto twitch using OBS, PS4 and an Elgato HD60 (and Elgato Chat Link). It was working fine, and then he updated OBS to 22.0.1 and now there is no sound being picked up at all. We've set all audio to the Elgato Line, and made...