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  1. O

    Question / Help high gpu usage

    i had i7 3770 i was streaming just fine with rx 580 but i had to replace the cpu to ryzen 7 2700x and now i have to enable amd chill framerate controller to play games while streaming if not i get like top tier fps but the obs freaks out lags almost all the time i am looking for help to fix this...
  2. Casually

    Question / Help Missing Hardware Encoding Option.

    Hi, I'm still new to this Forum and have only made one post, but I was hoping I could get help with an issue I'm having. Before we get started, my specs are as follows. i5 760 (1 ghz overclock) 12gb DDR3 ram GeForce 560ti (1gb variant) 500gb HDD 128gb SSd (Boot Drive)...
  3. G

    Question / Help Terrible quality while recording R6S Please help!

    My OBS while recording R6S is a horrible quality Help please I have no idea what is going wrong with any other game and without a game it sounds fine.
  4. J

    Question / Help OBS Studio v22.0.2 Black Screen for Minecraft game capture. Help!

    Recently, I tried to record some Minecraft gameplay, only to see that OBS wasn't capturing the game whatsoever. I tried reinstalling OBS, removing and adding the game back as a source, and even tried looking up common reasons why it might happen. All to no prevail. Nvidia Shadowplay is able to...
  5. S

    Question / Help PS4 having trouble with obs and elgato HD 60 S capture card

    Hello, So I'm trying to connect my PS4 to a gaming laptop that is about 3-5 years old. It has USB 3.0 but that may be part of the problem, but that will come up later. What happens is when I connect it, my PS4 connects for one second, makes a loud noise, then disconnects, and this happens over...
  6. S

    Question / Help Help!!! Stream Dropping Frames Due to bandwidth/connectivity

    Hello there, Long time user of obs, I used to stream long ago with little to no problem on a very bad laptop. Unfortunately, now that I'm older and seeking to get back into it, I'm having major issues that I have no idea how to fix. Whenever I start to stream I get massive frame drops that...
  7. Paper_Says_No

    Question / Help Game capture makes my display not visible in obs

    so i keep having this problem when i have a fullscreen game running my main display (display 1) decides not to appear according to obs. i have to restart obs entirely if i want to get it to work again. EX: im playing l4d2 and i alt+tab to chrome, obs will just not see display 1. some more info...
  8. T

    Question / Help My OBS Keeps on crashing after 3 to 10 when im recording

    Error: Texture->Map failed: 0x887a0005 0x887a0007 Your video card or driver froze and was reset. Please check for possible hardware/driver issues. This error can also occur if you have enabled OpenCL in x264 custom settings. That's the message I get and I can't find a solution. This is the...
  9. B

    Question / Help Want to get the right recording settings/ having stuttering issue when recording

    Thank you for taking the time to read this Firstly, whenever I record I get the game stuttering a lot and it also affects the recording making it look like garbage Please help, how do I fix it Secondly, I just bought a new PC top of the line: i7 8086K (4GHZ 6 cores) GTX 1080 Ti and a lot of...
  10. W

    Question / Help OBS cannot seem to be able to record Geometry Dash. Is this a bug?

    Lately I've been recording a lot of geometry dash on Bandicam. I decided to switch over to OBS and at the moment of first time using, OBS didn't record Geometry Dash At all! I used the standard settings and whenever I try to record it it just shows my desktop with the window selection bar still...
  11. Cooziie

    Bug Report I'm Having Audio Issues And I Can't Find A Solution Anywhere

    okay so i've been having this problem since around like december of last year and its been really bugging me, it only happens in recordings/streams and i'm not sure what to even call it, heres a video that i did today demonstrating how this issue appears...
  12. N

    Bug Report I start streaming and it stops after 30secs

    Everytime i hit stream it stops streaming after 30secs. I streamed for 14hours yesterday on w/o a problem. Today i go to start and it wont work....
  13. Sharprider

    Question / Help Problem's with my recordings have random black spots

    I am a new user to obs and i noticed in my recordings that there are certain frames in the recording when it just goes black for 2 seconds and then returns to the video. I've looked everywhere to see if anyone else has this problem but i can't seem to find anyone that had this problem with the...
  14. W

    Bug Report avcodec-57.dll, Qt5 widgets.dll, obs-frontend-api.dll, libcurl.dll was not found trying to open OBS

    Every time I try to open OBS studio these errors will show up after one another: avcodec-57.dll, Qt5 widgets.dll, obs-frontend-api.dll, libcurl.dll was not found trying to open OBS. If someone could help me that would be amazing! Thank you!
  15. E

    Question / Help loss of speed in twitch (when transmitting fortnite)

    Good evening, I have the following problem, when I play fortnite while I'm live, I'm doing fine, but in the stream it looks slow, and a few days ago it looked fluid, what can I do?
  16. K

    Question / Help Display capture black after something went fullscreen

    I started up OBS Studio and the display capture for my main monitor worked. but after i did preview mode for sony vegas (that is full screen) my main monitor does not show up anymore and i have no idea how i can fix this
  17. W

    Question / Help THE VISUALS DON'T MOVE

    this is what happens when I try to record AND I'M ONLY TRYING TO RECORD TO MY HARDDRIVE! nothing else. sorry i'm so forceful, will eat after I post this. already fixed the audio issue.
  18. C

    Question / Help Please help me with some advice

    Hy guys i have a problem with my obs after 12 minutes or so of streaming or recording I notice a lot of lag in my video please help me
  19. G

    Bug Report OBS Won't Open

    Hi, today I got an AMD FX - 6300 Gaming Computer. I have downloaded OBS Studio successfully but, when i try and open it in my task bar it doesn't open.