Question / Help Missing Hardware Encoding Option.


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I'm still new to this Forum and have only made one post, but I was hoping I could get help with an issue I'm having.

Before we get started, my specs are as follows.
i5 760 (1 ghz overclock)
12gb DDR3 ram
GeForce 560ti (1gb variant)
500gb HDD
128gb SSd (Boot Drive)

I just got into recording gameplay after upgrading from my notebook and have been doing SovietWomble levels of editing. But when I went to try and switch to hardware encoding from software (as I was able to do it on my old iGPU), I found it wasn't there. I have searched through this forum and others too, but have found nothing.
One theory I have is that it may have to do with the card's internals. ShadowPlay doesn't work on lower than 600 series graphics cards because "they don't have the right hardware." and I know ShadowPlay relies on the GPU for encoding, so I was wondering if it was that or another issue.

Anyway, any help is appreciated, thanks in advance, Casually.