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  1. P


    i cant record skyrim SE with mods i try to use record screen/game and i just went to a black screen.
  2. C

    Cant use webcam in OBS

    I have a Razer Kiyo webcam and when I went get started streaming yesterday OBS wasnt detecting my webcam, it was grayed out in the video capture properties window and I cant adjust any settings. I was forced to update my windows 10 two days ago and a couple other people have had the same issue...
  3. S

    problems connecting to the server and during transmission in chaturbate

    Hola, uso OBS para transmitir en chaturbate y mucha gente entra en mi habitación y simplemente entra y sale, a veces de 4 a 5 veces seguidas. Mucha gente me dice que mi cámara se congela o que ven una imagen negra, mientras que otros dicen que la transmisión está funcionando bien.
  4. L

    OBS Studio not showing Alerts, Chat or Donation Goals all the sudden.

    When I started OBS today and tested some things I noticed that my Alerts, Chat and Donation Goal all had stopped working. I tried deleting the Browser Source, restarting OBS and etc, but nothing worked. Along with that I got a window in my Browser Source which wanted me to sign in or create a...
  5. H

    I have a 3840 x 2160 but it only give me the option to choose 2194x1234 and lower

    I've recently got a new PC and downloaded OBS the download went all well, I was doing all my settings to make sure to record at 4k as I got my new PC to record in 4k and found that I can't change my Resolution to 4k. I tried to uninstall it and reinstall it but that didn't help, this is very...
  6. T

    Having OBS open on another screen will make me drop frames

    Hello, I have three monitors. 2x 60hz 1x 160hz. I obviously play on the 160hz while i have OBS, Discord, etc on the other ones. So whenever I have OBS open on another screen, whether I am recording/streaming or not I drop frames. It's been an issue for the past week or so. But the moment I...
  7. P

    HELP save my 2hr recording! OBS "Stopping Recording"

    I'm well aware this has been answered in other places but my error seems to be different. It is not the same as the other questions who have been answered. My program is still open, i've left it running all night. I finished recording a show at 5AM it was over 2.5 hrs and it was stuck on...
  8. gost1212

    Display Capture source error ( black screen )

    hi first of all, i'm new to the program so i don't know much from it. the problem is, when i try to create a Display Capture source i don't see my screen being recorded at all, except the voice at least. does anyone know how to this problem?
  9. Z

    OBS Game Capture Black Screen

    I've been trying different solutions and none of them worked. I tried running as Administrator, installing and older version, I've tried changing it to power saving mode/performance mode in graphics settings. I've also checked if I had apps that can interfere and I don't have them. Can someone...
  10. K

    OBS Won't open

    OBS pops up in the task manager but then just crashes
  11. A


    As my title and my username says, my audio is looping infiitely, while I stream. It isn't because I am listening to my own stream, I have that muted and my viewers tell me my voice loops the same thing over and over. I checked it out and it is true. I have checked everything and seen every...
  12. jamesjam101

    Question / Help OBS 25.0.8 opens then disappears and but webcam is still on

    I am running 13inch MacBook-Pro with Catalina 10.15.4 when I try to open OBS 25.0.8 it opens then disappears and but the webcam is still on. I have tried a fresh reinstall and using an older version as it had previously worked for me.
  13. B

    Bug Report Ecran noir en partage d'écran

    bonjour tout le monde, ayant mis à jour Obs aujourd'hui je me retrouve confronté à un soucis, je n'arrive plus à afficher mon partage d'écran quant je fais des enregistrements, j'ai regarde quelques tutos qui parle tous de nvidea qui est en place depuis toujours et qui sois disant est par...
  14. NotCoolStuff

    Question / Help Replay Buffer Help. [Recordings are 42 Seconds Max]

    Hmm Hello! I was wondering if I get could some help on this problem I have on OBS, it's when using instant replay. My recording size is maxed at 42 seconds. No matter what I do, I try changing the max seconds to the video, memory allowed to the instant replay, and I tried uninstalling too...
  15. J

    Question / Help Help! My obs does this echoey weird thing troughout halfway of my streams!

    Hey can someone help? Halfway trough my streams it always does this weird echoey thing this ALWAYS happen’s troughout every one of my streams and its getting annoying
  16. K

    Question / Help Game looks choppy on my screen even tho I have high fps!?!?

    CS:GO, even tho I have a high framerate still looks choppy when obs is focused on it. The problem is that on obs/recording/stream it looks smooth as butter. Here are my components if it helps Cpu: Coffee Lake Core i7 9700K 3.60GHz box GPU: Gigabyte Radeon RX 480 Windforce 8GB GDDR5 256bit...
  17. AlukarDTV

    Question / Help Overload encoding

    Everything was fine until 3 days ago, overload encoding milion times when I stream,dont know what to do,any help?!
  18. R

    Question / Help Image is flipping

    Hi Guys, So i have the following Problem and it keeps happening for Doom3 Bfg and Prey(2006): (Ignore the sound, i turned it off halfway) my logfile
  19. R

    Question / Help Stream won't start due to an error.

    So I recently got a new laptop (acer predator helios 300). now im trying to use my avermedia lgp and just got it to recognise (already a hassel). Im now ready to stream but get an error, so into the logs i go to find this text at the bottom...
  20. J

    Bug Report crashing and the end

    so if I do install it go so to the end but then it crashes it gives an error saying file cant be installed!