Choppy Resolution and Cutting out End of Recordings


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I strictly record Dungeons and Dragons sessions for my two campaigns and haven't had issues until recently. This involves recording my web browser--nothing more. I will be recording for 3+ hours, and when I hit "stop recording," it will say "stopping recording..." until I click it again. It WILL NOT STOP until I click it again. When this happens, I will go to my recording to see that the video is all choppy, yet the audio is perfectly fine—last week, the last 40 minutes of a 5+ hour recording got cut out on top of it being all choppy. I've since lowered the FPS to 30 and have uninstalled and reinstalled the software, hoping it will work. I have an important DND session tomorrow and am worried the same thing will happen. Does anyone have any further advice on how to prevent this?