Question / Help PS4 having trouble with obs and elgato HD 60 S capture card


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So I'm trying to connect my PS4 to a gaming laptop that is about 3-5 years old. It has USB 3.0 but that may be part of the problem, but that will come up later. What happens is when I connect it, my PS4 connects for one second, makes a loud noise, then disconnects, and this happens over and over ect. I have tried using a USB dock with 3.0 but that didn't work either. Another this about the dock is that if I unplug it from the computer and just have it plunged into the wall (it takes power from an outlet for better performance) then the PS4 works fine. It is very possible it is the laptop, but I had booted up the laptop yesterday, and had to download a bunch of updates, and before i did the PS4 was working fine with the computer, but once the updates were finished it stoped working. I also know it's not the capture card because I use it with a less powerful computer and a Switch. Please help, and if nothing can be done, I understand. Thanks, SsomeeoneE