Question / Help Want to get the right recording settings/ having stuttering issue when recording


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Thank you for taking the time to read this
Firstly, whenever I record I get the game stuttering a lot and it also affects the recording making it look like garbage Please help, how do I fix it

Secondly, I just bought a new PC top of the line:
i7 8086K (4GHZ 6 cores)
GTX 1080 Ti
and a lot of m.2 SSDs

i want to know what is the max settings to use for recording and only recording I really don't care about FPS only quality of the video

Thank you once again for reading this


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Hey boildown,
I've seen this thread and used it but my game and recording are really laggy and makes it unwatchable


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Well, try using the settings it says there, and then post an OBS log file from a 5 minute or longer attempt.