Bug Report I'm Having Audio Issues And I Can't Find A Solution Anywhere


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okay so i've been having this problem since around like december of last year and its been really bugging me, it only happens in recordings/streams and i'm not sure what to even call it, heres a video that i did today demonstrating how this issue appears https://twitter.com/Cooziie/status/1016081934110416896 it would really really really help me out if i could find out how to fix this issue asap <3


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After listening to the clip (and consulting someone else), I can't really identify what the issue is. I know you said you weren't sure how to describe it, but could you please try to describe it?

Off the top of my head, and while guessing at the issue (since I can't seem to hear what you're hearing) I can only think that it's one of these:
  • Mic picking up headset audio (headphone audio too loud / mic sensitivity too high)
  • Surround sound headphones (disable surround sound)
A log file may help to identify the hardware, or other potential factors.