game capture

  1. J

    No game capture audio on gaming pc

    Hello, I’ve been attempting to stream with my second pc to play games while using my main pc to run stream labs obs, and upon doing this, the game capture audio is completely gone. I’ve tried messing with the audio settings on both pc’s and the stream labs audio settings and nothing works. I...
  2. F

    Valorant game capture is noisy and distorted

    I have been trying to record valorant with a game capture but the recording is always noisy and off color. in menus it is red while in game it is blue. In menu: In game (cropped due to image size restrictions): I have tried previous version of obs both 64 and 32 bit to attempt to fix the...
  3. DeatH_StrikeR88

    How to use both display capture and window capture simultaneously?

    Hello everyone I need a help. I was planning to create video to compare CPU, GPU and RAM usage between game launchers like VALVE STEAM, EPIC GAMES, GOG etc. So, as much I have observed and did research I do need to capture both display and the window of TASK MANAGER simultaneously. But I don't...
  4. T

    Game Capture Non-Functioning After Last Update

    Since I last updated my OBS Studio to v.27.0.1, all of my game captures have stopped working. New ones created also refuse to work in their own separate scenes, with or without other captures also being in the scene (as I had before on my main scene for streaming games). Setting the game capture...
  5. T

    Scrambled screen?!

    I have a brand new laptop and capture card. I can’t seem to figure why my screen looks like this
  6. C

    Using an external DAC or amp? This may help you.

    Hello everyone, I was a proud user of OBS Studio for years until I got a Schiit Magni and Modi stack. When I would use this stack via USB, my desktop audio would cut out randomly and my viewers wouldn't be able to hear any game sound or any music I was playing. Then, I switch to Streamlabs OBS...
  7. M

    OBS crash randomly during streaming

    OBS crashes randomly during streaming seemingly when I am playing Escape from Tarkov. Doesn't seem to crash in other games such as Genshin Impact but I haven't really been able to test it with many other games. The problem started arising after I used the graphic drivers reset shortcut...
  8. A

    Overlays interfere OBS from Game Capture RPCS3 emulator (How to Fix)

    I was having this issue where I couldn't use "Game Capture" to capture the game I was playing on RPSC3. I found the problem to be the overlays running on my computer that were interfering with OBS being able to 'hook' the game. I went to Registry Editor and into this directory...
  9. U

    Recent Issue with Vulkan Games

    Hello, I have noticed since Friday (04/23/2021), any game I play that uses the Vulkan API is not working with the Game Capture source in OBS. OBS Version: 26.1.1 Log File attached; I tested the following games: (1) DOOM (2016) - OpenGL (Successful game capture as can be seen in the logfile)...
  10. betjal

    OBS fullscreen problem

    Hi there, I've got a slight fullscreen problem in OBS. At the moment my streaming computer with an Elgato HD60Pro is broken so I use my gaming computer to stream. With all games it works fine except the Star Wars Galaxies Emulation. The Game settings are 1920x1080 (fullscreen). In OBS I have...
  11. A

    Game Capture not working with Apex Legends

    Hello, I'm using Stream Elements (OBS 26.1.2-38-g19ef1ba4a) and am having issues getting Apex Legends to show at all using game capture. There is no black screen or anything, i've tried googling the issue to no avail. I've updated Stream Elements to both the beta and stable build, as well as...
  12. Hermit77

    0x0 red dot in top left of screen

    Hello, I have recently been having trouble with OBS game capture. It seems every time I try to use game capture its just a tiny little dot in the top left. I've spent hours looking at tutorials and Youtube and have looked through the OBS forums, but nothing seems to work. At first I thought it...
  13. G

    Game Capture way too stretched

    While I was nearing the finish line of setting up a stream overlay the final thing missing was the Game Capture itself. I added a Game Capture and added my game, but when I added it, I saw that OBS captures it in a really stretched not correct way. Ctrl + F doesn't work, it stretches it...
  14. N

    Linux Vulkan/OpenGL game capture 1.4.0

    Linux Vulkan/OpenGL game capture OBS plugin for Vulkan game capture on Linux. Usage Add Game Capture to your OBS scene. Start the game with capture enabled obs-gamecapture %command%. (Recommended) Start the game with only Vulkan capture enabled env OBS_VKCAPTURE=1 %command%. Troubleshooting...
  15. G

    Game capture/ display capture not working

    The display capture suddenly stopped showing display. Not even the populair black screen problem.. Than tried to game capture which worked for 1 time. Now that has stopped working as well. Could someone have a look at the log and tell me what is is going on please?
  16. M

    Recording OpenTTD on Windows 10

    I have recently been trying to record two games with OBS, both on my desktop (a Dell 3360 Precision Workstation, which has no GPU) and could get neither to work. I have since been on these forums and many others, and worked out that actually my computer can't do game capture for either of these...
  17. alibaba69

    HEAVY WEBCAM LAG/stutter on tanked up workstation, using game capture, struggling :(

    dear Forum, _______ WEBCAM: Logitech Streamcam CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 5950x (16 cores, 3.39 GHz) GPU: Nvidia Geforce RTX 3090 RAM: Trident 128GB OS: WINDOWS 10 Enterprise 1809 LTSC all graphics drivers are up to date. LOG FILE: EXAMPLE 30 SECOND...
  18. S

    Minecraft not getting captured

    Hi I have just got a new laptop and obs is not capturing Minecraft I have tried this article: this worked until just now. I have re-done this but it has not fixed the issue. Every now and then there is a red box that appears...
  19. B

    Game capture suddenly not working

    So i use game capture for minecraft using specific window and it use to work perfectly fine then yesterday it just stopped (getting a black screen) and ive tried uninstalling obs and restoring sources but nothing will work to make game capture work, Im worried maybe I accidently clicked...
  20. fireundubh

    Game Capture fails to hook process when "existing hook found"

    Log I read through the log and stepped through the stack in CLion. Not sure what's up. Also not sure why an existing hook is being found on first run/load.