Disparities between recording application and recording screen


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Hello, I am battling to figure out why is OBS ( version 28.1.2 ) giving me a dark overlay when attempting to record my screen and not when recording the application directly ( without editing any settings / not using any filters )
Here is a screenshot of the game itself :

And here is the exact same view but using the screen capture rather than the game capture :

As you can see the second one is darker and not having realised the issue, I need to redo some footage
Here are my video settings just in case, they are the same for both scenes :

To be honest I am very unsure of what the settings do
What confuses me a lot is that it's the same settings for both and there is no filters. So why am I getting this dark overlay on the display capture ?
Changing the display capture method yielded no visible differences

( I used the windows 10 capture for the screenshot )

Any help would be much appreciated


I had a similar problem and only in Assassin's Creed Odyssey. The solution was to disable the use of full screen display in the game.


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Ok so I found the issue
Turns out windows enabled the HDR option on the screen
This ended up over exposing the screen recording for OBS
I found the solution after using keywords such as "underexposed" and "overexposed"
Here is where you find it :


I'm very unsure of what exactly it is supposed to do ( better colours ? ) but obs and a few other recording / screen sharing softwares do not like it at all