1. D

    Question / Help Avermedia Game Capture with Obs..

    Hello, When using the Avermedia LGP2+ capture card instead of using it as a "Video Capture Device" would it be better to window capture (You can playback audio through the Avermedia Software) to reduce CPU usage on OBS, therefore being able to stream at a higher quality as the Capture Card does...
  2. E

    Question / Help Audio offsync not working on microphone

    So i'm trying to stream with elgato hd60 and as we all know it has a small delay, so i went and set my microphone offsync to 1500 to match with elgato but obs literally ignores de offsync and just records the microphone in real time, I tried using offsync with the elgato audio and it worked...
  3. Geoshot

    Question / Help Elgato HD60 not capturing 720p 60FPS.

    So, I noticed the streams didn't actually look like 720p 60FPS - Even though the card via OBS is set to output 60fps. I have a duel PC setup: Gaming rig: i5 4570 gtx 980ti 16GB ddr3 Streaming rig: i5 4570 no gpu elgato hd60 pro 8GB ddr3 The video capture device properties: Resolution...
  4. LtRoyalShrimp

    Optimize the Elgato Gaming HD60 S/HD60 Pro for OBS Studio

    Welcome. In this short guide, I will cover how to best setup the HD60 Pro in OBS, for maximum quality and low latency. - Use OBS Studio OBS-MP is a complete rewrite of OBS, which fixes many low level issues and has better optimizations. - Set the audio format to 48Khz The native audio...