Question / Help Elgato Capture card freezing every now and then.


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Hi guys, ive been trying to stream with my Elgato 4k 60 pro, with dual pc set up, cloning monitor 1/3 with elgato. Everything runs really smoothly besides the freezes i get that last a whole second then resume gameplay, which is really annoying if im playing cs, or any multiplayer game online because it does it at a worst time..... I could show you a link where this guy has the same problem but his is more consistent...
I've tried mostly everything i can think of like changing pcie slots, switching hdmi, updating drivers etc. etc. I've been trying to find forums that have the same problem, but hardly people have them. I was thinking i might have a defective capture card but I'm unsure if this is the problem. Hopefully people that have this type of problem could share your problems on here.