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    Question / Help Dual pc stream high cpu usage problem. Video/stream lags

    I have a dedicated streaming laptop which I use to stream and I game with another pc. Laptop specs: MSI GP62MVR 7RF-633NE CPU: Intel i7-7700HQ Graphics Card: Nvidia GTX 1060 3GB RAM: 8GB DDR4 2400Mhz I am using avermedia u3 capture card between the two computers and when i use "faster" cpu...
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    Question / Help Elgato Capture card freezing every now and then.

    Hi guys, ive been trying to stream with my Elgato 4k 60 pro, with dual pc set up, cloning monitor 1/3 with elgato. Everything runs really smoothly besides the freezes i get that last a whole second then resume gameplay, which is really annoying if im playing cs, or any multiplayer game online...
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    Question / Help Dual PC Setup (Elgato HD60 Pro) Bad Quality Help!

    I've just got the Elgato and a Second PC, I've followed guides on setting everything up. So far I've only tested recording which is what i'm most interested in. My problem is, The capture card records Perfect 1080P 60FPS through the Elgato Game Capture Software. Once set up in OBS, I get very...
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    Question / Help Desperately needed advice on 2PC setup

    Hi All I have been reading countless threads on multiple forums and haven't found a solution as of yet. I am having issues with poor streaming AND recording quality. First things first, my setup and method of capturing. Gaming PC connected to Asus ROG Swift PG279q via DP. HDMI out of main GPU...