Question / Help HD60 Pro Audio Delay Between Device and Monitoring

Hey all. I searched around for this particular issue without much luck.

I just bought a new Elgato HD60 Pro to use for capturing console stuff. I don't have an easy way to monitor the audio coming off the HDMI passthrough so rather than do that, I was just going to use the Project Source option to put the output of the HD60 Pro in OBS to my main monitor while playing and just using the Monitor function on the audio source so I can hear it (Elgato seems to recommend this.) So, I have the HD60 Pro set to Monitor Only, though the same thine happens with Monitor and Output.

The problem is that, there's a delay between the HD60 Pro source's audio and the System Audio output. If I do something in game, the video and audio response on the HD60 Pro source is instant. However, the VU for the system audio that outputs to the stream, has about a half second delay. So, I have real-time audio and video sync but my viewers (whether on stream or if I'm recording to post later), have audio that's around a half second off.

I dug around quite a bit and didn't really find anything on this, just lots of threads from years ago about people having issues with audio desync issues with the classic OBS, so that's not terribly helpful. Before opening a ticket with Elgato, I thought I'd ask if anyone had a solution to this issue as it feels like something relatively easy that I'm just missing.

Here's the logs from a session of OBS where this occurred:

Thanks all!