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I’m new here and don’t post much, if i’m In the wrong spot mods feel free to tell me and I’ll delete post or move threads. Long story short, I have just built a second pc. I have 2 144hz monitors. Here is where I am.

My overall goal is to stream at 1080p 60fps. In my gaming rig I have the following.
RTX 2080
ElGato HD60 Pro

Streaming rig:
Ryzen 5
256 SSD

I am currently stuck at the following. When I go onto my gaming PC, I have a 144hz monitor connected to my RTX via display port. My issues are as follows:

1.When I plug the HDMI from my graphics card to the ElGato, my pc keeps running at 144hz, but the games run at 60HZ, though in my display settings for the ElGato and the PC, everything is set to run at 144hz.

2. On my streaming rig, I can not seem to get the ElGato to work on the streaming rig. I have my second monitor, (A 144hz) connected to the motherboard via a Display port cable, and I have the connection from the ElGato that is in my gaming pc connected to the streaming PC via a HDMI cable. Do I need to purchase a cheap graphics card that has 2 HDMI inputs with it to make the ElGato show on the streaming pc? Or could I use a splitter?

Thanks in advance to everyone that is helping, and my apologies if I am in the wrong spot. Will remove if needed.


why is your capture card in your gaming pc or did i get it wrong?
this card sould in your encoder rig not in your gaming device