1. G

    Question / Help HD60S framerate tanks in OBS, even at 30fps.

    Self explanatory title. Been working on this for awhile. -tried changing the graphics processor for both GCHD and OBS in the NVIDIA Control Panel -changed the encoder and decoder in GCHD -quality setting changing -stuff Here's a video of it happening...
  2. A

    Question / Help OBS Elgato Video Stutter

    Hello, For some reason, I'm having difficulties stopping the Elgato video playback from being so stuttery. The game runs fine on screen and I have sorted the audio desync. The Elgato is set to output in 720p along with OBS so the resolutions match as I have heard this can cause it. However...
  3. A

    Question / Help Stream echo when streaming from PS4 --> Elgato --> OBS --> Twitch?

    Hello, A friend of mine has been having a problem setting up his streams. He plays games on his PS4 and streams then using a capture card (Elgato) to OBS, which streams to twitch. He uses two mic inputs, if I understand correctly. He uses his headset for his game and party chat, and uses the...
  4. X

    Question / Help Elgato To OBS with Chat link Cable

    Hi im new to using the elgato to OBS, now when using the chat link cable my game audio(along with my chat party) Comes out fairly quiet, im wondering if anyone has a good suggestion on the settings i should place to help get the maximum quality out of everything. Thanks!!
  5. A

    OBS stream Setup 720p?

    Okay, so im new to streaming so I need help. Im trying to stream my xbox one to mixer at atleast at 720p. im going for 30fps because im assuming this would be less taxing on my pc. Im using an Elgato game cap. My internet, every time i test it,usually hits around a 21 down and a 3 up speed. Ive...
  6. WeeAddy

    Question / Help OBS Studio causes videos to lag

    When I have OBS Studio open, even without recording or streaming, I have noticed that videos I'm watching on YouTube will randomly begin to desync - with the audio playing correctly, and the video slowing down causing the desync. It's pretty seamless, you only notice it after a short while, and...
  7. The Ninja Gamer

    Question / Help Elgato HD60 S Crash Screen On OBS Studio (Please Help)

    Log File: https://hastebin.com/lesexabodu Ok, I've been trying to get an answer to this problem and fix it since October of 2016, and I would really appreciate an actual answer and help to this problem from someone, seriously. I already know how bad my PC is, I don't need anyone blaming it for...
  8. R

    Question / Help OBS/Elgato Issue?

    I'm having an issue with my Elgato HD60 and wondering if you could spare some time to help me with an issue I'm having! (: I recently purchased the HD60 last week, with the intention to record my gaming pc through my gaming laptop (both meet system requirements of Elgato/Elgato Software) When...
  9. chimeratx

    Question / Help How to adjust PS4 volume using Elgato HD60S?

    Hi. I'm having an issue where the PS4 audio from the HD60S is WAY too loud, usually making other sounds like alerts and etc impossible to hear. I have configured it in two ways, neither of them really satisfactory: - Sending the Elgato audio through to my computer, thus making it possible for...
  10. B

    Question / Help Not able to change input device on Elgato source in OBS

    I will preface this by saying that my Elgato works perfectly fine and displays the input I'm about to describe, only in OBS am I having the problem. I'm trying to record N64 through Elgato and in OBS I am unable to switch it to "Other" as it is locked into "Nintendo Switch" and will not allow...
  11. K

    Question / Help OBS Elgato Ingame Sound delayed to my headset!

    Hi there :3 ive been trying to stream and Record with OBS Studio and the Elgato HD60. It was horrible to setup xD right when i thought everything is fine i get a funny delay o.O. I read many forum posts, with Mic is delayed to stream and webcam thats all fine. I got a good hold of my webcam and...
  12. V

    Question / Help Dual PC Setup (Elgato HD60 Pro) Bad Quality Help!

    I've just got the Elgato and a Second PC, I've followed guides on setting everything up. So far I've only tested recording which is what i'm most interested in. My problem is, The capture card records Perfect 1080P 60FPS through the Elgato Game Capture Software. Once set up in OBS, I get very...
  13. J

    Question / Help Audio Track from Capture Card not in Mixer

    I have a recurring issue that I cannot find the cause for. Randomly, or upon a crash (or loss of power to laptop), the Audio track from my capture card (Elgato HD60 S) will become "disabled" in Windows Sound settings under "Playback" and doesn't show in the OBS audio mixer. To be clear, there...
  14. D

    Question / Help No audio in OBS

    Before I started to steam my audio was working just fine. The moment I started no more. I have tried everything. I'm using the chat link that I bought specifically for the Elgato. The audio doesn't even work in the Elgato software. I have it set to analog audio and I still have none. I've hit...
  15. R

    Question / Help Elgato hd60 pro 2 pc stream help

    I have a gaming and streaming pc and use the Elgato hd60 pro. My mic (blue yeti) and Astros a40 are in my gaming pc. I can get obs to copy my screen from the gaming to streaming pc and i can get my voice in the recording but can't get any game sound to go from my gaming to streaming pc. I use...
  16. B

    Question / Help Bit rate drop to around 0-100 using 21.1 and elgato

    Hi, thanks for your help. So I'm a twitch streamer, I'm using OBS 21.1.0, you can see all my sources from the log files. So my set up as been working fine for the last two weeks. Unfortunately my GPU stopped working, so I bought a nice new relatively good laptop, again, you can see the spec in...
  17. E

    Question / Help Elgato Hd 60S Black Screen

    I have an Elgato Hd 60s and everytime i want to Stream its just blackscreen or wait a moment please and nothing happens in the Game Capture Program is everthing working but nothing in OBS pls Help
  18. Jo_Kim

    Question / Help Elgato Game Capture HD 60 video lags in OBS

    Hi, I wanted to start streaming. Because my PC is not the best, I bought an Elgato Game Capture HD 60, so I can transmit the video and audio from my PC to my Laptop, wich is then running OBS and is sending everything to Twitch. In the OBS Preview I noticed, that video from the capture card...
  19. D

    Question / Help Avermedia Game Capture with Obs..

    Hello, When using the Avermedia LGP2+ capture card instead of using it as a "Video Capture Device" would it be better to window capture (You can playback audio through the Avermedia Software) to reduce CPU usage on OBS, therefore being able to stream at a higher quality as the Capture Card does...
  20. E

    Question / Help Audio offsync not working on microphone

    So i'm trying to stream with elgato hd60 and as we all know it has a small delay, so i went and set my microphone offsync to 1500 to match with elgato but obs literally ignores de offsync and just records the microphone in real time, I tried using offsync with the elgato audio and it worked...