Question / Help OBS/Elgato iPhone Problems


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I use to record with OBS while running the Elgato but after an update and it's never been the same again with Elgato. I can't get it to work correctly. The top picture should look like the bottom picture but its not. My settings on the left is Elgato and on the right is for OBS. I don't know what else to put and know I was probably not helpful of explaining whats wrong so if you need more, Please ask and please help me figure out whats going on with this. Thank You
OBS 24.0.3 (64-bit, windows) - Profile_ Fortnite,Doom,Minecraft,Roblox & More - Scenes_ Untitl...png
Game Capture HD 10_16_2019 6_44_40 PM.png
Game Capture HD 10_16_2019 6_55_19 PM.png
Game Capture HD - Properties 10_16_2019 6_58_11 PM.png