Question / Help Switching scenes with my Elgato stream deck crashes OBS


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I have an issue when using my Elgato stream deck. Everytime I switch scenes using the stream deck, my OBS crashes. I have uploaded logs here: Now, what you are going to say is that there is a problem with one of my Browser sources because at least 4 people have said the same thing upon viewing the logs. HOWEVER, I have discovered that every time I switch to a scene and the scene crashes... Once I start up OBS and try to switch to that scene, it works. This happens with every single one of my scenes in my scene collection. I can eventually get all of my scenes working but, I have a lot. AND not only that, it is a problem because each time I restart my computer, I would have to go through the process of switching to at least one scene in each one of my scene collections to get it to work. Has anyone EVER run into this? I feel like im the only person on the internet that is reporting this issue. I dont have anything crazy with my browser sources. Just your normal alerts, tips, mediashare, and view count.

Not only that, but if I switch scenes using the default UI, i dont run into any issues


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Are you like me seting up scene collections and without selecting the scene collection first. i've had this issue with different collection of scenes if you sellect a stream deck scene i found it crashes if the scene collection isnt selected first (seems a theres a command missing for it to autoswitch scene collections)