choppy footage

  1. T

    Getting lag in playback for streaming and recording, but not in-game.

    Every 1-2 seconds my recording or stream freezes. This is not a problem in the preview, or while playing, only when viewing recordings or streams. I have no missing frames, and I'm kind of stumped. When I am testing it not in game, everything is fine. The most recent recording still displays...
  2. HappyAstrapi

    Encoding overload...

    log file: Hello, I have been recording and playing for awhile and have plenty of footage that has worked fine that I've uploaded to youtube. I don't know what has changed because my settings still look fine to me but I am trying to do a new recording...
  3. H

    Constantly laggy/choppy video recording

    I have been attempting to set up my mates OBS for his Youtube recordings, but I've noticed during my test runs (Playing CS:GO) the game runs like normal, without an issue whatsoever, but when i go to replay the video, it is nonstop choppy, it's almost like it's failing to load the frames or all...
  4. C

    Choppy recording while spectating

    I am an analyst for a Rainbow 6: Siege team and am trying to record scrims so that we can review them after and fix our mistakes. When I record the match from the overhead spectator view the game gets extremely choppy for seemingly no reason even though I can record with no issues when I am an...
  5. S

    Question / Help Choppy Video and Missing Audio (Log Attached)

    I recently recorded one of my streams using OBS (with the plugin installed) and the resulting footage is either really choppy, has a random audio track missing at certain points, or both. I was wondering if anyone could point me towards the causes of these. Please note the stream was...
  6. L

    Question / Help OBS recordings are ridiculously choppy

    Hello, I have been having an issue with both OBS and SLOBS where my first recording after downloading the software will be fine, but any recording after that is experiencing anywhere from 16%-100% frame drop.... My computer has been more than capable of recording 1080p 60fps before. I have less...
  7. D

    Question / Help Moments of Choppy Playback When Recording Multiple Audio Tracks

    For some reason, when I'm trying to record multiple audio tracks, the resulting video is noticeably sluggish at moments. At first I wasn't convinced that I was seeing something wrong until a moment in a clip where me firing my weapon in-game was totally off from the video due to the...
  8. L

    Question / Help Choppy footage

    When I try to record this specific game, Hunt: Showdown, my footage is incredibly choppy while on my screen I'm getting my regular FPS. When I play the game it is smooth and consistent but when I look at OBS it is capturing the footage terribly. It is only this game where it happens. My specs...
  9. S

    Question / Help Pattern in choppy streams/recordings, don't know how to fix.

    Every few seconds or so, the screen on my recording/stream freezes for a split second, before returning to normal. This is a pattern that repeats itself steadily over an entire running course of OBS, and I have tweaked with all of my available options to try and fix it. Is my only remaining...
  10. S

    Question / Help My clips are turning out choppy

    I need help. My clips always come out super choppy. I have changed the setting numerous times, and I have a decent PC. What am I doing wrong?
  11. S

    Question / Help Far Cry 5 -Recording freezes and lag on decent pc-

    I have an issue where my recording file is choppy on playback but the game is smooth, this seems to only happen when recording FarCry5. Any suggestions? Specs are: i5-6600k @ 4.4ghz 16gb 3200hz DDR4 Ram Gtx 980 slightly OC'd Log File:
  12. L

    Question / Help No matter what i do my recordings always end up choppy and laggy

    Hey everyone, i want to start recording videos but its literally impossible. Ive seen so many youtube videos but every setting i try either makes the game lag so much while recording, or the game smooth but really laggy and choppy recording, ive tried autoconfigure and anything but nothing is...
  13. Troy2

    Question / Help OBS Recording Is Disgustingly Laggy (Encoding overloaded! Consider turning down video settings or using a faster encoding preset.)

    Hi, My recordings on OBS Studio used to be just a little laggy, now they are extremely (1 frame per 5 seconds) laggy and I do not know how to fix it. I am not recording games, streaming or doing anything that could tire OBS. I noticed that now I am getting this error: Encoding overloaded...
  14. K

    Question / Help Laggy/Choppy stream but no performance hit in game

    First of all I'll list my specs: RTX 2070 i9 9900k OC 5ghz 16gb ddr4 memory 2TB HDD (OBS is here) 200gb SSD ----------------------------------- 2x 144hz 1080p monitors Now I will address my problems that I've literally spent hour trying to fix to the point of ripping my hair out, So 5 days...
  15. K

    Question / Help Windows 10 - Dark screen bug

    Hi, I've had this before, and figured out that my NVIDIA Geforce Photo Mode (F2 button) was responsible for this. Since that point I have disabled it, and OBS seemed to be working fine. It's back again though, the screen is showing as dark and very choppy on the OBS screen. Is there a simple fix...
  16. S

    Question / Help Choppy Video Issues

    I am new to most of this recording stuff and don't have much of an idea of what is wrong with my recordings, they come out choppy but only towards the end, here is the link to the log: If someone could help, that would be amazing!
  17. Z

    Question / Help OBS lagging during preview and Playback

    I had never had such a problem with OBS before, including lag. Recently I decided to open it up again and try to start recording some roblox videos with my buddy. Anyways, when I started to record there was lag on the preview screen and it was very choppy with the video on the playback after...
  18. Sov

    Question / Help Game FPS is fine but output video is choppy.

    Hello! i have looked through the forums hoping that this question had already been answered, however to no avail. i also have read the forum thread on high CPU usage but nothing has solved my problem. As a side note: I used to be able to record with OBS at 1080p/60 FPS without this choppyness...
  19. Sov

    Question / Help High FPS while recording, but very choppy output video

    Hello! I've already tried to adjust some settings that should help prevent this problem however, to no avail. Whenever I record my FPS is hardly touched at all. But again, the output video is very, very choppy.
  20. P

    Question / Help Choppy stream but no FPS drops or high encoding?

    Hello! I recently noticed that my streams look a bit choppy sometimes but I don't know why, I've changed settings to 1080p, NVENC, 6000 bitrate and my PC can handle it just fine, but even on 3000 bitrate, x264 and 720p it did the same thing. I originally noticed it on tomb raider, I assumed it...