choppy footage

  1. Y

    Question / Help Skipped frames due to encoding

    I have been having an issue with recording Rainbow Six Siege. Every time i record it, it has like 60-80% skipped frames and idk whats wrong. I Followed this guys video -
  2. J

    Question / Help OBS Choppy Video.

    Here is a link to a video on what is exactly going on: The first video I show in it is from today, and the second was back in February when my issue was perfectly fine. I'm so lost and confused on why this is happening again and why in general is continues to happen...
  3. C

    Question / Help Choppy Stream! HELP.

    Good Morning, I have been messing with this all night long and I am throwing in the towel and asking for help. I looked all over the internet and could not find anything that seemed to help, I feel like it is probably something stupid easy i just cant figure out. When I open obs everything is...
  4. C

    Question / Help encoding issue that should not exist

    when recording I get choppy videos and the overload encoding message no matter the settings I use I built a new PC. I have been trying to record apex legends. the only time a not choppy video was recorded was in 480p 30fps have followed many tutorials from people with Ryzen systems with less...
  5. comandercodyz

    Question / Help Recording help

    I was wondering if anyone can help me fix my videos from coming out so choppy. I need to figure settings that are best for recording videos. My graphics card is a AMD A10-9700 RADEON R7. My CPU is barley being used and my computer runs smooth while recording but when I stop and watch the video...
  6. C

    Question / Help Very Choppy recording and weird audio

    Hi guys, I have only been using OBS for a short amount of time. Whenever I watch my gameplay that OBS has captured it is very choppy and the audio sounds out of place. The Log: 18:57:46.214: CPU Name: AMD Ryzen 7 1700 Eight-Core Processor 18:57:46.214: CPU Speed: 2994MHz 18:57:46.214...
  7. A

    Question / Help Choppy Visuals

    #1 So Apparently, Whenever I try recording something. The Visuals seem to appear choppy. And Honestly, I do not understand what in tarnation is the solution to the dang prob. I look on youtube and there seems to be no solution to my problem at all. It's because when people mean by choppy. They...
  8. A

    Question / Help Choppy/Visuals are Weird.

    So Apparently, Whenever I try recording something. The Visuals seem to appear choppy. And Honestly, I do not understand what in tarnation is the solution to the dang prob. I look on youtube and there seems to be no solution to my problem at all. It's because when people mean by choppy. They mean...
  9. B

    Question / Help Please Help/ Recording Issues

    Log File: I really don't know what could be going wrong. I am just trying to record some Rainbow Six Siege with some friends but whenever I record, the videos come out unbearably choppy and laggy. Audio is fine but the quality of the video is...
  10. S

    Question / Help Laggy Recording With High-End PC

    When I record/stream on streamlabs obs, the output video/stream is very laggy. My gameplay runs completely fine though. My specs are: GTX 1080 TI i7-8700k I dont understand why I am having problems with this, please help.
  11. TheHaggardNerd

    Question / Help Game Smooth on Monitor, Choppy in OBS preview + recording: Elgato HD60 Pro

    Hello, Looking for some help in getting buttery smooth recordings through OBS if possible. Log File Here: System specs: Intel - Core i7-8700K 3.7GHz 6-Core Processor OC'd @ 4.3GHz Asus - Prime Z370-A ATX LGA1151 Motherboard G.Skill - Trident Z RGB...
  12. D

    Question / Help Game recording extremely choppy.

    Hi, I'm kind of new to this forum here, so I'm not sure if I'm doing this right. When I regularly record my desktop and basic programs with OBS, the output is fine. I've been trying to record GTA:V footage for a few hours now, but no matter what settings I change, the recording always comes out...
  13. A

    Question / Help OBS Works Perfect... For the First Half of Recording

    I have just started using OBS, and I have found that the first few minutes of gameplay I record in a session (anywhere from 3 to 10 minutes) will be super laggy (with perfect audio), but then after that it seems to fix itself and it records in perfect 1080p at 60fps throughout the rest of the...
  14. F

    Question / Help Cannot stream and record at same time due to error...

    Whenever I'm streaming and try to record, I get this error: "Starting the output failed. Please check log for details. Note: If you are using the NVENC or AMD encoders make sure your drivers are up to date" Funny thing is, I can't use the NVENC or AMD encoders, so what gives? I was able to...
  15. oINemesisIo

    Question / Help Starting the out put fail // NVENC

    Hey guys, so I've been using OBS for some time and now that Im using FTL with Mixer, I had to drop by bit rate to minimum while using x264. I've played with the setting for hours now and still cant get a good quality. Now, I noticed that OBS is using my CPU instead of my GPU, so i thought I'd...
  16. C

    Question / Help Video Playback is Choppy but Gameplay is Fine

    My issue is that while recording the game play is smooth(60+FPS) and when I watch the video in playback it looks like 30 FPS even though i'm recording in 60 FPS and the file info says it's in 60. ----------------------------------- My PC Specifications: AMD Ryzen 5 1600 AMD Radeon R9 380 16GB of...
  17. P

    Question / Help OBS Recording Lag / Choppy - No Game Lag

    I've been using OBS lately, and I can't say it's ever worked. Every time I try to record any gameplay the recording is laggy but my game never lags for me. My specs are - GTX 750ti i3-4170 cpu RAM - 8 GB 1 TB SSD (Well all that I know off the top of my head) LOGS -...
  18. T

    Question / Help Choppy Gameplay Recording

    Hi, I've been having this issue with OBS where gameplay recordings tend to lack smoothness, often becoming very choppy in the video. The choppiness is not present in the game, however. I've been watching my CPU load through OpenHardwareMonitor and the highest it has maxed out at has been about...
  19. C

    Question / Help Videos Are Extremely Choppy

    Hi, I've been doing some recording lately and I've run into an issue with videos being quite choppy after exporting them (After their done recording). I've encountered this problem in the past here and their, although I though it may have just been the thing I was recording, although now it's...
  20. JakeHasNoLife

    Question / Help Choppy Footage (Please Help)

    I've been trying to get non-choppy footage but for some reason just can't get the right settings anyone have a fix? Log File: