choppy footage

  1. R

    Screen Tearing and choppy quality in only Doom Eternal

    So I'm trying to record eternal, but every time I do, it starts to become choppy and tear in certain spots. This doesn't happen in Apex, Bloons, etc., only here. Any help?
  2. N

    No matter what settings I try the video output looks choppier than the gameplay.

    So after trying tons of different settings I'm starting to get frustrated because I cannot get the video output to look smooth. Here is my last log file: The game that I tested to capture was Terraria (because it's one of the lighter games I know)...
  3. B

    Choppy Recording & Streaming, But Makes No Sense.

    I use a laptop to stream/record and I’ve had it for about 3 months and it’s worked perfect and had no issues with it. but in the past two days I haven’t been able to stream or record without the gameplay from my ps5 being super choppy… I don’t know what changed or what’s going on? I’d...
  4. S

    choppy playback during recording but looks fine in preview monitor

    Hey guys, I have an issue with obs or maybe I have some settings set up wrong or something but when I record my screen with obs, the recording becomes choppy and low quality whenever there is fast movement on the screen. Additionally, whenever I record a game, the recording just looks choppy and...
  5. N

    LibVLC.... Grey pixelation with network stream

    I've been experiencing a ton of issues with grey pixelation (likely a decoding error) for my VLC source network URLs... This appears to be a common issue with VLC and can be corrected by adjusting settings like "disable hardware acceleration" within the VLC player. However, I'm having trouble...
  6. A

    OBS Studio FPS Disastrously Fluctuating

    When I play Rocket League, OBS says that the FPS is going from 60 down to 29*!R>SoSIJ. I have 0 Idea as to how or who OBS thinks they are, but my recordings look like they came out of 2010. Attached is a log file there is.
  7. A

    Stream is very choppy! Changing settings does not help! Log File included.

    Hello, so I am trying to help my friend with his stream but I have not found any fixes to his issue. His streams are not smooth, its constantly choppy, and he is using the NVENC new encoder with a 3090. Any help would be appreciated! Correction: I do believe he was using his cpu as the encoder...
  8. E

    Choppy recording quality after not recording for a couple months.

    I have used OBS quite a bit in the past, but I took a break from any recording for a couple months. Before the break I had no issue when recording anything, especially after upgrading my ram to 32GB. After the break though I have noticed that even just recording my background the video response...
  9. YoXpertguyZ

    Laggy and choppy frames using GPUas encoder

    Hi I have a rx5600xt and when I use H264 AMD advanced media framework or H265 AMD advance media framework it lags and is really choppy it's fine in x264 but that's not the best quality and I want to use one of the other ones preferably H265 I tried the Auto Configuration Wizard and no luck I...
  10. H

    How to stop choppy local recording v26.1.1?

    I have an old computer and monitor and nothing's being upgraded/purchased so I need options that work with what I've got. I picked an old game I know skips in recording to use as a reference for the log. The game has no graphics options. My gameplay is smooth, it's just the capture that skips...
  11. B

    My video is choppy and I dont know what to do.

    I have been having this issue with obs for a while and I don't know what to do. I have a GTX 1080 and a i7-6700k CPU I tried a lot of things but i just don't know anymore any help is much appreciated.
  12. K

    Low Quality/Choppy recordings

    I have been trying to record clips on Rocket League and no matter what, the outcome is always low quality or choppy despite max settings. What can I change to increase the quality of the recordings? Any help is appreciated. Log file : Specs: CPU: AMD...
  13. H

    OBS choppy recordings and low quality stream.

    Hi, so there was like a 1000 posts about this problem but i've never found a solution for this one. My video recordings looks choppy and looks like im dropping or losing frames even tho my OBS does not show it. Im running program as an administrator, I've tried many many different settings...
  14. T

    Streaming and Recording but the recording is very choppy or just a still frame for the entire stream but the stream output is fine.

    So I've been recently streaming and trying to record my clips at the same time because my streams on twitch can only go up to 1080p but my monitor is 3080x2160 s0 it looks better when I edit videos to make for youtube videos. But as I have problem recently my recording clips have been really...
  15. Z

    Slight stream stutters Low Gpu and Cpu Usage

    Hey guys, So I recently built a new PC and I am having some stream fluidity issues. On my old PC (sold a while ago) which had a 2070super and i9-9900k I used to stream Apex Legends at 720p with no problems. Sure the quality wasn't perfect (a little grainy but thats expected) but the stream...
  16. J

    Recording's video is choppy, gameplay and audio perfectly smooth

    I just moved to OBS from SLOBS to try and resolve recording issues - however, I've got some strange problems that I can't figure out how to fix. I'm using OBS to record a windowed game (can't use fullscreen because my laptop is 16:10), and am scaling it to 1920x1080 from 3072x1920 at 60 FPS...
  17. T

    OBS recording nothing like gameplay??

    So I want to record gameplay and put it on youtube (Cyberpunk 2077 is the game in this case). Every time I would record my recording would look like s**t, laggy, choppy and nothing like the gameplay. I tried, like 100 different settings, and every time is the same thing, Unwatchable. I am tired...
  18. L

    OBS Lagging, dropping frames and stream health fluctuating

    So I use OBS studio to stream quite regularly and as of only a few days ago I started encountering these issues, as indicated by the title of my post, seemingly out of the blue. I haven't done anything different or new with my computer so I don't understand why this is happening all of a sudden...
  19. I


    so i have been tryign to do some videos to start my youtube, and so i used obs and looked online and settled on mid end settings. but when i review the recording, it either looks very pixely, lacks in some frames and looks dirty my specs are ryzen 5 3600 xfx rx 580 8gb corsair vengeance lpx...
  20. L

    Stream fine one day, choppy every other.

    HI! I'm relatively new to streaming. When I first attempted to stream, everything looked choppy (only in preview and to those watching, gameplay was unaffected). I stopped for the time being and asked my friend who regularly streams for advice. He helped with some settings and everything was...