choppy footage

  1. thatstimmy

    OBS Replay Buffer clips laggy/choppy

    Whenever I am playing a game or are on my desktop simply watching a video and I go to clip something it's extremely laggy/choppy. It's at like 1 FPS but the audio is perfectly fine. If anyone can help me out so I can get it back to normal I would greatly appreciate it.
  2. T

    OBS Replay Buffers Clips Are Choppy

    Been playing DBD and on some of my clips I save or on some games when I save a clip and go watch it back the clip is like 5 frames an hour it's incredble laggy and something it take a while for the clips to save ontop of that my games run fine and are on low settings any idea how to fix this?
  3. D

    Recordings are Sporadically choppy/stuttering

    I'm at a loss here. I've tried every fix you can probably think of and there is still this this subtle micro stutter in every recording that happens in moments regardless of settings. Not streaming, just locally recording gameplay, and the games themselves are not lagging or stuttering or losing...
  4. T

    Very Choppy Footage While Recording Destiny 2

    Hello, as the title says, I am having an issue with recording Destiny 2. I've gone through a few forums and videos and tried everything but I have not had any success. I am still decently new to using OBS and my settings are mostly based off of a video I watched. Here is my most recent log...
  5. P

    Choppy videos

    While recording, my frames are perfectly at 60, but in post-recording, the videos come out choppy, the longer the video is, the choppier it becomes. I also have a problem where I cannot trim videos properly since videos appear infinite but are not. I'm not bothered by the trimming part; I would...
  6. A

    Random FPS drops

    I wanted my recordings to have a consistent 60 fps. Sometimes I get smooth 60 fps but other times I get random drops that makes it look like 30-45 fps. I am new to OBS, but I've followed several tutorial videos and forum posts on removing choppy fps. I've tried everything that I know of, but...
  7. F

    Recordings and streams dont look smooth at all and I'm loosing my mind trying to figure out why

    I've been recording footage in Valorant for about a week before I noticed it's practically unusable due to said footage looking choppy and lacking smoothness. I don't understand why it looks the way it does but no matter what settings I do, it ends up looking more or less the same while others...
  8. C

    OBS Recording Is Very Choppy

    I have been using OBS forever and haven't used it for a while until recently. Now what I have noticed is when I record a display capture for CS:GO or for any display capture I have a terrible FPS drop that looks like my recordings are below 60 fps. To my knowledge I have to use display capture...
  9. 1

    Obs suddenly recording choppy

    I have previously recorded gameplay on mw2, it was running fine. Till recently i tried to record and it is making my game noticeably choppy and i feel is affecting fps alot more than usual, however its still averaging about 120 fps. any advice?
  10. M

    VERY Choppy Video using Zoom

    Hi there, I run an interview channel on YouTube where I bring in guests virtually. Currently I am using Zoom to communicate with the guests and a window capture of that Zoom window to bring the guest into OBS visually. It all seems to go well when recording but when streaming the Zoom image...
  11. Augusto55

    Capture card footage does not feel 60 fps at all

    So I'm trying to record some SSBU footage through a capture card. Everything is set to record at 60 fps but the recording feels pretty choppy, even if the file is stated to be 60 fps in properties and in the editing software. I made a video to compare the capture card frame rate with SSBU...
  12. J

    Choppy Frames & Low Quality Bitrate

    Hello, I've recently built a new PC that has an RTX 3090 and 12900k (which should be more than capable of running smooth 60 fps and a consistent bitrate) but my frames just don't look all that smooth and high quality and my bitrate is inconsistent and very low quality and looks more like CBR...
  13. D

    Recorded video is choppy periodically.

    So... When I'm recording a video, the game and everything runs smoothly on high FPS but when I'm done recording and I want to look at the video I just recorded, it's periodically choppy in every program I tried. Here's the testing video: Laptop specs: Windows 11...
  14. R

    Gameplay is perfectly smooth, but recorded video is choppy/unsmooth. Greetings. I have the following problem. My specs: i7 8700k, RTX 2080, I write to SSD, windows latest version, graphics card drivers latest version. I record games at 60 fps, 1440p. When recording games, the game itself works perfectly, smoothly...
  15. R

    Screen Tearing and choppy quality in only Doom Eternal

    So I'm trying to record eternal, but every time I do, it starts to become choppy and tear in certain spots. This doesn't happen in Apex, Bloons, etc., only here. Any help?
  16. N

    No matter what settings I try the video output looks choppier than the gameplay.

    So after trying tons of different settings I'm starting to get frustrated because I cannot get the video output to look smooth. Here is my last log file: The game that I tested to capture was Terraria (because it's one of the lighter games I know)...
  17. B

    Choppy Recording & Streaming, But Makes No Sense.

    I use a laptop to stream/record and I’ve had it for about 3 months and it’s worked perfect and had no issues with it. but in the past two days I haven’t been able to stream or record without the gameplay from my ps5 being super choppy… I don’t know what changed or what’s going on? I’d...
  18. S

    choppy playback during recording but looks fine in preview monitor

    Hey guys, I have an issue with obs or maybe I have some settings set up wrong or something but when I record my screen with obs, the recording becomes choppy and low quality whenever there is fast movement on the screen. Additionally, whenever I record a game, the recording just looks choppy and...
  19. N

    LibVLC.... Grey pixelation with network stream

    I've been experiencing a ton of issues with grey pixelation (likely a decoding error) for my VLC source network URLs... This appears to be a common issue with VLC and can be corrected by adjusting settings like "disable hardware acceleration" within the VLC player. However, I'm having trouble...
  20. A

    OBS Studio FPS Disastrously Fluctuating

    When I play Rocket League, OBS says that the FPS is going from 60 down to 29*!R>SoSIJ. I have 0 Idea as to how or who OBS thinks they are, but my recordings look like they came out of 2010. Attached is a log file there is.