No matter what settings I try the video output looks choppier than the gameplay.


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So after trying tons of different settings I'm starting to get frustrated because I cannot get the video output to look smooth.
Here is my last log file:

The game that I tested to capture was Terraria (because it's one of the lighter games I know). The problem is that when I'm playing the game everything looks perfectly fine but when I check out the video output of that gameplay it looks way more choppier (especially when I do a sharp movement in-game).
I've tried many different setting but no matter what I change the choppiness still persists.
The most confusing thing is that my components such as CPU, RAM and especially the GPU are not overloaded by the process at all.

Things that I've tried:
Tweaking almost all rate control settings
Rescaling the output to 1920x1080
Running OBS with administrator rights

Does anyone know what can I do to fix the issue?