recording not smooth

  1. S

    60 fps not smooth

    Greetings. I'm a obs user for many years but I have a problem that never fixed. I'm trying to record my game 1080p60. It's not bad but you can feel its stuttering, not smooth. I tried to record at 1080p144 and its super smooth. So my laptop is okay for this settings. Also when Im recording 144...
  2. N

    No matter what settings I try the video output looks choppier than the gameplay.

    So after trying tons of different settings I'm starting to get frustrated because I cannot get the video output to look smooth. Here is my last log file: The game that I tested to capture was Terraria (because it's one of the lighter games I know)...
  3. TipUHerMe

    Choppy OBS Recordings No Matter What

    For the life of me I can not get fully smooth recordings. I will say that its not the whole videos that be choppy, only parts but still, I have no idea what's causing this. As you can see (from MSI Afterburner & log file) nothing is being maxed out on my pc. As I said before, the whole video...
  4. jeanmonday

    Unfortunately, I think G-SYNC might be my issue.

    PROBLEM Unable to record buttery-smooth 60fps gameplays without having to run current monitor through HDMI and being forced to play games at 60Hz with VSync enabled. SYSTEM SPECS Lenovo Legion Y720 (Laptop) Intel® Core™ i7-7700HQ (2.80GHz) NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1060 (6GB) 16GB (2 × 8GB)...
  5. L

    Final video stuttering and not smooth Msi Laptop

    PLEASE HELP Im fairly new to this and i know many people have bin asking about the same thing but when i Record with streamlabs obs or obs the final video is not smooth and stutters sometimes. In game is perfect with no lag at all and is very smooth but video after recording is not. Its not...
  6. cobbrra

    Question / Help OBS low FPS output problem

    I started streaming about 1 year ago and everything was fine then about 1 month ago I bought a 144Hz screen. After that in all of my streams my FPS felt like it was 45 - 50ish but there are no dropped frames, no encoding lag, nothing. I checked my GPU, CPU, RAM usages and there are no problems...