Screen Tearing and choppy quality in only Doom Eternal


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So I'm trying to record eternal, but every time I do, it starts to become choppy and tear in certain spots. This doesn't happen in Apex, Bloons, etc., only here. Any help?


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dont use MP4 as recording format better use mkv when obs or pc crash the file is broken in mp4 format !

next tip
12:00:23.484: McAfee VirusScan: enabled (AV)
12:00:23.484: McAfee Firewall: enabled (FW)

deinstall it defender make the same job and make not so many problems !

set you display refresh rate to 120hz 120hz/60fps=2

set cap you ingame refreshrate to 120 fps

12:01:19.608: adding 917 milliseconds of audio buffering, total audio buffering is now 960 milliseconds (source: Desktop Audio)
anything didnt work good with your desktop sound update drivers did you use an wirless or bluetooth headset !