Slight stream stutters Low Gpu and Cpu Usage


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Hey guys,

So I recently built a new PC and I am having some stream fluidity issues. On my old PC (sold a while ago) which had a 2070super and i9-9900k I used to stream Apex Legends at 720p with no problems. Sure the quality wasn't perfect (a little grainy but thats expected) but the stream image was a crisp 60fps playing at capped in game 160FPS via Riva-Tuner.

My new build:
Nvidia 3060 ti FE
i7 9700k
3600mHZ G skill Ram
750W Bronze PSU
Asus Prime Z390-A

Now with this current build which benchmarks just fine according to userbenchmark I am getting some stream stutters that arent huge but enough to where it bothers me and should not be happening with current specs. I am using the same exact stream settings as my previous build. I have also noticed small blips in FPS but only by 3-10frames. I currently cap my game at 150FPS via RivaTuner and all settings are on LOW. MSI Afterburner monitoring is showing 40-65% GPU AND CPU usage throughout the majority of the stream (other than on drop in Apex where it get near 80-90s, never 99) so I don't understand the stutters. Same issue even when I remove webcam and try using a recording rather than live stream.

I feel like I have tried most things. Turn on and off gamemode. I run in admin. I have a pretty good understanding of OBS but I am lost and unsure if it is a hardware issue even if it is benchmarking well.


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