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  1. R

    Question / Help Voice Sounds like a Deep Voice Changer... but i dont have one

    So i dont know how to explain this Problem buuut i try my best. So i started OBS and i recorded a Video of a Game but later when i watched it , i heard that my Voice sounds Deeper more like an Deep Voice Changer Effect but i dont have any Filter in OBS and no Voice Changer. Later i started...
  2. explodersname

    Question / Help Linux Wont Capture Screen, Mic, Or WebCam

    I don't know what I did wrong but it won't do anything in the title
  3. I

    Question / Help Audio Playback Issues After Recording

    Hello, I have a couple of different recording from OBS over a couple of months. I loaded in one of these older recording into Adobe Premier Pro, but when I did the audio wouldn't playback at all and it wouldn't even load a wave form for the audio file. I thought maybe I just had a corrupted...
  4. W


    Basically my OBS was working fine then this morning i got up and tried to record only find that no audio had been recorded (lucky i had an audacity file as well), i started testing my obs before i recorded another video only to find that sometimes it picks up the desktop but no mic audio, other...
  5. T

    Question / Help Ingame Sound is muffled and has bad quality

    Hey Guys, The Ingame sound while streaming is muffled, but i hear it clear. In the VODs and live the sound is supressed and sounds terrible.... And i have to say that my mic sound is good Here is the log: Im new to OBS :/ Best Greetings
  6. A

    Question / Help Records Robotic Voice. Please Help

    Logs: Everything else about the recording is fine, my friends tell me my audio is fine. My mic isn't broken, I've tested it with 3 other mics but I believe the problem is with OBS. After I record, I check on the video but my voice sounds robotic. Please help me
  7. C

    Question / Help OBS + Airpods + Sound siphon/sound issue? [RESOLVED + directions inside]

    Hey guys! I do live streams and interviews with OBS and I stream to youtube. I use sound siphon to capture my internal audio. And normally I use regular wired headphones to capture my audio. I was gifted apple airpods and I was hoping to use the airpods with OBS but it seems it doensn't work...
  8. P

    Question / Help Weird Audio Chop? //not quite sure if it's a bug, i could just be blind

    Hi! So this has been an issue for a year or so, so it's not caused by any recent updates as far as I know. I've been trying to record with my Blue Yeti Microphone but the audio that comes out when I watch the video back is really weird, choppy almost? It isn't a problem with the mic since I've...
  9. ItsJeminem

    Question / Help OBS xbox party chat audio

    Hello, I am trying to do a live stream through mixer using OBS. I use the elgato HD60 capture card to stream through my pc and have the audio splitter to connect my controller/headset to my pc. When I am in party chat on xbox the audio does not pick up through to my OBS, I have seen some posts...
  10. C

    Question / Help Audio problem Dual pc Elgato hd60 pro, help!

    Hello peeps, racking my brain here. I'm having insane audio issues (Obs newb). Using the software provided by elgato I get an extreme delays listening through the streaming pc, I play any game (pubg,csgo,fortnite,rss,overwatch etc..) I shoot then hear it pretty much a second later. I can't get...
  11. C

    Question / Help No Desktop Audio or Mic Audio

    Hey Guys wondering if you are able to help me OBS Studio is no longer recording Audio i have uninstalled and reinstalled OBS But i Can`t get it to work I`ll also be attaching my log file
  12. M

    Question / Help Having serious troubles with audio

    So I have been having endless issues with trying to get local recordings working. For some reason, I have absolutely no issues broadcasting. However, when I do only local recording, I have been having issue after issue, even using the exact same settings I had with Twitch. I tried setting all of...
  13. J

    Question / Help Fortnite Gameplay Echoing

    i was streaming Fortnite with obs and i noticed that theres an echo coming from the game the mic is good but the game has an echo i set it as desktop Audio and theres still an echo in the game the gunshot is like echoing i tried fixing it but it still dosent work please help me how to i record...
  14. C

    Question / Help Audio Screeching When Streaming.

    Hi I’m collinfrags, Recently my stream has had this horrible screeching sound in the background and it is causing a lot of new viewers to not like my stream. I would greatly appreciate it if someone could help me out as soon as possible...
  15. M

    Question / Help Condenser mic clashing with obs? I am posting the most recent logfile but i also started streaming - all things in audio mixer looked good - and twitch chat told me they couldnt hear mic Long story short- the only way i can get ppl to hear my mic while streaming- is advanced audio properties>...
  16. I

    Question / Help Getting Audio bars in Computer mixer as well as OBS, but OBS does not record the audio

    A very strange issue. My audio is not being recorded by OBS, SOMETIMES, even though I'm getting audio bars both in my comp mixer and on OBS. The strangeness is how inconsistent it is. I stream with two audio inputs, one for my mic and one for the game audio. Here is literally what happens to...
  17. eulix_

    Question / Help No Desktop Audio

    I was streaming earlier through StreamLabs OBS and I was going to use OBS to record gameplay. However my desktop audio isn't getting detected even as I am playing music. Without having SLOBS open, OBS is still unable to detect audio. I also don't know if this is an issue but it always...
  18. C

    Question / Help Help Please

    Can anyone help me? I have not used OBS in a little while. I am wanting 3 separate audio tracks which I am able to get. But it is giving me 6, 2 of each track. Any ideas?
  19. C

    Question / Help Audio Extremely Glitchy/Quiet

    Hello, I'm looking for some help, I was recording a game last night with OBS (21.1.0) and everything was fine. Today I've just attempted to record something and it seems my audio in OBS has completely broken. It sounds extremely quiet. Like, deafeningly quiet. I have (At this point when trying...
  20. D

    Question / Help Audio cutting out

    Whenever I want to stream with background music (using the Streamlabs chatbot for the music) the music just stops going thru to the viewers after each song. I can fix this by going to the desktop audio and then changing it from default to the Xsplit audio and then back to default but I have to...