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Hello peeps, racking my brain here. I'm having insane audio issues (Obs newb). Using the software provided by elgato I get an extreme delays listening through the streaming pc, I play any game (pubg,csgo,fortnite,rss,overwatch etc..) I shoot then hear it pretty much a second later. I can't get the sound to even play at all off my gaming rig because it require I have elgato capture as default under sound. When I try obs I get absolutely 0 sound from the card. The quality is not the irritation, it is fine, the audio problems and work arounds I have tried is driving me mad. I've tried line ins, faster hdmi cables (just to test it). I've used repeaters that done nothing, I've used virtual cables, etc. The audio on the actual video is in sync while streaming downloading with the software from elgato, I get 0 sound adding the source for obs. I really would like to be able to hear my gaming computers audio instead of my streaming computers, but this seem nearly impossible. Any thoughts would be much appreciated, thanks ahead.

Pc set ups:

Gaming Pc:
Dell 27 Gaming Monitor: S2716DG 1440 144hz (currently at 1080p for cloning)
I7 8700k@ 5ghz
Gtx 1070
16gigz corsair vengeance 3k
Asus prime z370 mobo
Evga 850w psu

Streaming Pc:

I5 4690k@4.5ghz
16gigz 1866 corsair
Asus z97 a mobo
Corsair 750w psu
Gtx 960 2gb
Elgato Hd 60 pro

Edit: I would have streamed from my main pc but I get terrible frame skipping and horrible quality, 8700k can't seem to push both gaming and 720p @ 60fps
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Install Voicemeeter Banana on the gaming PC and follow the quick start instructions.

Set up your Elgato as one hardware output (A), and whatever port you want to listen to as the other (B).

You should now be able to send your game audio both to your capture card, and to headphones or speakers for lag-free monitoring by clicking both the A and B bus output options on your default audio.


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Thank you for the solution, now I just need to figure out the discord and Yeti clipping issue and I'm good