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I have a couple of different recording from OBS over a couple of months. I loaded in one of these older recording into Adobe Premier Pro, but when I did the audio wouldn't playback at all and it wouldn't even load a wave form for the audio file. I thought maybe I just had a corrupted file or something so I reloaded the replay in my game and rerecorded it from the replay, I was then going to use the second videos audio for the first video. The second video did the same thing, no audio and no wave form. I then open the file up in Windows Media Player and it plays the audio just fine. I also open the video file up in the other built in video viewing program on windows, as well as trying to watch it just by dragging the file onto Chrome, no audio from either of these programs. The last program I tried was Ableton Live 9 trying to separate the audio then exporting it by itself, no audio playback from Ableton and it wouldn't generate a wave form for the file either. This made me think it was a codec problem, I downloaded a file converter that would let me reformat the audio codec as well. This did not solve the problem either, I'm out of ideas. Please send help!! I will love you long time <3

P.S. I do not know which log file is actually from the days that this issue occurred, but the problem has been on going so I am uploading several to hopefully assist anyone who might be able to help

Update: I changed what file channels I recording what sources to, and this has fixed my problem. However with my old files, even after figuring out how to get all 4 audio tracks to show in Premier Pro, it is still not loading any audio or wave form for these other files that had the different routing settings


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