Question / Help OBS Audio input problem in streaming "messenger app"


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I am new on OBS.
I am having a problem in streaming on Facebook live.
I have to stream our video call from messenger to Facebook live, but my problem is the microphone of my laptop can't pick up by the OBS. After I have unmuted my microphone in Messenger and started speaking, people can hear me but in live streaming I don't have sounds.
Now, I did activate all my options: Audio input, Mic/Aux enabled, Audio Output inserted but this options makes me heard in streaming even I MUTED MYSELF IN MESSENGER APP and all background noises around me can also be heard in livestream.

Please help me. What I need is.. When I muted myself in messenger I should be muted in live stream also, when I unmuted myself in messenger I should be automatically unmuted in livestream.


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Muting yourself in Messenger will not affect OBS. Your browser and OBS are two separate programs, you will have to mute yourself in each separately. A microphone in OBS can be configured as push to talk, or can be muted/unmuted with a hotkey.


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Thank you so much..
But I am wondering because when I first use the OBS( that time I Window captured the ZOOM app), It was working like the way I want now. However, I think I've done something wrong in the OBS that's why It can't pick up the microphone now.

Isn't it really possible?

If that so, how can I configure the "push to talk" thing?

Thank you so much