Basically my OBS was working fine then this morning i got up and tried to record only find that no audio had been recorded (lucky i had an audacity file as well), i started testing my obs before i recorded another video only to find that sometimes it picks up the desktop but no mic audio, other times it picks up the mic audio but no desktop an rarely it picks up both, i don't know what has happened as it was working fine before.

Log Files Below


Sadly that didn't fix the problem but at least i have the latest version of OBS now, i think i might try going back to default settings and setting everything up from scratch
Hi, this seems to happen alot to some of my users as well, but only in windows 10. Use line-in as soundsource, everything works fine. Then they start a stream another day and sound has reset to default and i have to switch back to line-in.
Happens alot when Major windows 10 updates arrive like creators update etc, but sometimes it happens at random without a windows update aswell.
Any suggestions?
Attached a log file from one of the users the day this happened.



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Windows reassigns audio devices at boot and when new devices are connected. It will often decide on the fly that a device you've just connected-- or, a device that because of some issue, *appears* to have been disconnected and reconnected-- needs to be the new "default" device.
Ok, but is there a way to "force" obs to use an input as its default state?
So aslong as that input is connected/detectable in windows and hasn`t changed name it will use that device even if the input is reset to default?