Semi-free Deckboard 1.9.52

As the title says, the custom extensions support is in development right now. So if any of you guys experienced in NodeJS, you can create your own custom functions. Further information will be given once the update released.

Anyone interested?


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New Features
  • Bind macro keys to selected software.
  • Add argument for selected software in Run Program action.
  • Add support for steam:// protocol in Open Website action.
  • Fix OBS hotkeys input.
  • Add static release notes.
UI Changes
  • Add fullscreen button.
  • Add icons and background colors on button preview for respective actions on Create/Edit button modals.
  • Remove text shadow on shortcut label.
  • Change Toggle Streaming and Toggle Recording icons
Bug Fixes
  • OBS Studio authentication problem fixed.
  • Fixed the bug where user unable to install the downloaded update through the app.
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