remote control

  1. K

    Sony PTP extensions

    I just saw that Sony has published something around PTP extensions supported by some of their cameras: This made me hope that it may be possible to remote control the camera from OBS without Imaging Edge, and especially...
  2. univrsal

    Free IROS - Flexible and remotly controllable stream overlay

    IROS is a simple overlay which allows you to display and arrange text, images and other elements on stream through a web interface. It's currently in early development, so it might not be completely stable but the basic features are done and can be used. Currently it supports displaying text...
  3. mtoe4503

    Can OBS WebSocket work with a public IP? If yes, how?

    Hi. I'm having a problem on controlling my friend's OBS (we do need to record multiple people), when I try to connect with my app, but I also tried with other apps, if I use their public IP, it doesn't work, their OBS is fine, the WebSocket server is enabled, correct server port, password, but...
  4. E

    Help: Best way to control OBS at home, via a remote access phone away from home ?

    I bought an online workshop but only after buying it realized I will be travelling on that day. I may not be able to get a refund. So I'm trying to figure out a plan B: Can I use a remote access app on my phone (android) to control my PC laptop at the hotel, while I am away, and use OBS to...
  5. R

    Semi-free Deckboard 3.0.1

    Avaiable on All Platforms! Server: Windows, MacOS, Linux Client: Android and iOS Development Status : Active Create custom computer macro shortcuts and launch them through your device. No more windows switching to open the folder or website, get Deckboard to simplify them and maximize your...