Semi-free Deckboard v1.6.0-rc1

New Features
  • Extension repository, download and install extension easily.
UI Tweak
  • Add executable icon inside Executable File field in Run Program action.
Bug Fix
  • Fix OBS Scene button shape.
  • Fix extension icon for Android app.
New Features
Board/Button Customizations
  • Additional grid layouts
  • Button border color
  • Button shape (square, circle, and image only)
Twitch Integrations
  • Send Chat
  • Clear Chat
  • Slow Chat
  • Followers Only Chat
  • Subscribers Only Chat
  • Emote Only Chat
Bug Fixes
Multiaction Setup Fixes
  • Fix bug where action parameter value(s) dissapear when edit button modal shows up
  • Fix OBS Studio and Streamlabs OBS's toggle source input
  • Fix bug where program list won't show up in Keyboard Macro action
  • Fix bug where neither application and option saved in Run Program action
New Features
  • Add border color and shape customization to buttons.
Bug Fixes - Multiaction Setup
  • Fix bug where program list won't show up in Keyboard Macro action
  • Fix bug where neither application and option saved in Run Program action
New Features
  • Add new Multi Action;
  • UI tweaks.
Bug Fixes
  • Fix bug where app crashes when user type text on Advance Keyboard Macro action.
New Features
Basic feature
  • Add custom grid layout for each boards;
  • Add 6x5 grid layout;
  • Add connected USB device list
Bug Fixes
  • Fix bug where background color could not be updated;
  • Fix bug on board list order;
  • Fix bug for Play Audio function.
Please backup your saved board before updating to version 1.4.0.
New Features
  • USB connection support (BETA). ADB installation required to use this connection.
  • Sortable board list
Bug Fixes
  • Fix bug for Play Audio function
Rejoice! Spotify is now supported in Deckboard! Here are the current Spotify features available:
  • Control player playback
  • Search and play tracks from your favourite artist, albums, and playlist.
  • Automatic fetch the cover image when artist/albums/playlist selected.
New Features
  • Copy, Cut, Paste, and Delete for right click menu added.
  • Advance keyboard macro editor action added.
Twitter support (Beta)
Now you can post your tweet through Deckboard. you just need to log in and create the Post Tweet action button.
Notes: You cannot post the same tweet within 12 hours.

Write your custom extensions (Beta)
For the users who experienced in NodeJS, you can create your own button with custom function. For further information, click here.

  • Add Twitter sign in function.
  • Add Refresh IP address button.
  • Mute option in OBS and SLOBS control is deprecated.
  • Add Extensions tab in settings.

Bug Fixes
  • Run Program function bug where user can't launch the selected executable.
  • Fix the bug where IP address displayed IP address from virtual machine program.
  • Fix the bug where edit modal won't show up for OBS Studio's Audio Device Control button.
  • Fix all links in About page where link opened in the app instead default browser.
As the title says, the custom extensions support is in development right now. So if any of you guys experienced in NodeJS, you can create your own custom functions. Further information will be given once the update released.

Anyone interested?


New Features
  • Bind macro keys to selected software.
  • Add argument for selected software in Run Program action.
  • Add support for steam:// protocol in Open Website action.
  • Fix OBS hotkeys input.
  • Add static release notes.
UI Changes
  • Add fullscreen button.
  • Add icons and background colors on button preview for respective actions on Create/Edit button modals.
  • Remove text shadow on shortcut label.
  • Change Toggle Streaming and Toggle Recording icons
Bug Fixes
  • OBS Studio authentication problem fixed.
  • Fixed the bug where user unable to install the downloaded update through the app.
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