I ditched my Stream Decks for this ( paid version, very low price !! ) and never looked back.

I use a 7 inch tablet I had sitting around to run this.

So configurable, much larger button layouts ( can be configured ) vs buying a larger Stream Deck, and you can use the all kinds of icon resources with it as well !

A must have.
I love this over all the other alternatives so far. This and a mouse macro recorder app is what I use instead of a Streamdeck. The UI is fantastic - hopefully, this app gets frequent updates.
Awesome program!
Tried many other apps like Macro Deck, Touch Portal etc. but this is by far the best. Frequent updates, developer listens to the community on GitHub. Easy 5 stars. Keep up the good work!

This is awesome :) it's basically Elgato Streamdeck but in Free (or only 2.49€, which i bought), i have currently only one issue, it doesn't Update (it downloads (it says on the bottom left "Update downloaded") but doesn't intall it (after restart it stays the same version, and when i manually start Deckboard it gives me a JavaScript Error but works fine)). Some applications like OBS and Stramlables ChatBot doesn't or start or enter Setup mode, but overall Deckboard is really awesome.

Some features i would personally like:

-Automatic detection of obs is running and automatically connect to obs

-Some feedback from buttons when pressed like switching the image or text (or both) when i mute something or start/stop the stream,

-the change of volume of multimedia application only affecting the multimedia application and not the whole system

-option for Type Text to send the text directly in the twitch chat

note: i am German so English is not my native language
Hi! Thanks for using Deckboard. It seems there's a bug in version 1.2.0 where user can't install the update through the app itself. I suggest to download the version 1.2.3 directly from Github release page. Don't worry, your existing macros will not be affected.

And for the upcoming version progress and features, you can check it here https://github.com/rivafarabi/deckboard/projects.