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Free Animated Lower Thirds with Dockable Control Panel v.1.6

I love it, i just want to know how to add more font types :D
Hi! In the next update you will be able to add any font from Google Fonts from the control panel. In a few days it will be available.
This is the Holy Grail of OBS Studio.
And again a quick update! I found it a bit difficult to find the custom time button (but it's a feature I don't need anyway ;-) )
I hope you will ad numbers to the hotkeys as well (I'll send an example screenshot, cause I can't add it here). I'll drop my request in a post, but thank you for being so active on these updates. Really, really appreciate it!
This really is a wonderful and professional tool for anyone using OBS that wants to add that great Lower Third look quickly and easily. Setup is easy and once you learn how to use the different stylizing controls etc. it becomes a snap to work with. I would love to see a couple things though if possible:

1. Ability to pause globally all timers (or pause/hold incrementing all other non-playing lower third's timers) when any lower third is triggered/playing. This could be a toggle/checkbox in the main settings portion or per lower third and would help a user who uses the lower thirds to rotate through various information panels (kind of like a slideshow) without having to worry about them colliding/overlapping with each other due to the constant incrementing of the other timers on all lower thirds; which in turn causes a kind of race condition to occur and eventually the lower thirds will collide with each other unless you manually trigger all lower thirds at startup one by one, and depending on the inactive time gap desired this means a user could end up sitting there for 5-10 minutes or more just to manually align the timers by activating each lower third by hand during the first startup cycle. This "pause/hold" would eliminate this race condition issue and eliminate the need for a user to manually trigger each third at startup to provide for proper timer spacing.

2. Ability to add a different image/file to each preset of each lower third, yes I realize that would be 40 images if you did them all, but I know for sports folks that would help a lot with player pictures etc. Currently the 4 is a little limiting, while I agree 40 might be excessive it might be necessary for some. The ability to import and set those logos through this dock/control panel would be amazing and very helpful/quick for the user. Additionally, it would be a nice feature to be able to use not only images but animated gifs or small webm/video files for each preset.

That's about all I can think of at the moment, really this is an excellent tool giving even the most novice of users the opportunity to significantly increase their production value in a matter of minutes, no programming knowledge or scripting knowledge required! This is a must have for podcasters or anyone who does Live interviews or panel shows.
Thanks for your words and the review. I'm trying to solve some of the problems you mention. I'm very interested to know how all of you use this tool to improve it. Thanks again for valuing my effort.
Great tools. Love it. Looking forward for new style of animation effect, and please include style 1 with center alignment. thank you.
Thanks for your words! Style 1 must have the logo and vertical bar on the left or right. That is why it doesn't have a center alignment. Choose the one you want and center it by changing the value of the horizontal position. ;)
This is great! Love the added options, thanks for all your hard work. The only problem I've run in to is how you delete a memory slot. I accidentally filled 4 slots with the same name and title just by clicking them and now I cant delete them no matter what I try.
Hi, thnks for your review!
If you want to save something new in an occupied slot, you must first empty it by holding the click until it flashes red.
Hope it helps you! ;)
This last update is sweet! Takes a lot of stress away during production time. Great job!!!!
Wow NoeAl. You joined Aug 4 and gave us a wònderfull tool. I last week downloaded a different lower 3rd, but when I saw this one, I immediately downloaded this one. I needed a hotkey solution, which you provided. THANK YOU! I film hockey matches and have hardly time to activate the proper lower 3rd, cause I need to film, so hotkeys are vital. If possible could you make the background transparent if the user wants that?
Also (but this possibly isn't an option) could it be possible to scroll with up/down keys between the 4 lower 3rds and the left/right to scroll between the 10 buttons .... cause I never know up front who scores and thus I have very limited time to find the proper name.
And maybe an option to number the 10 buttons?
But again: thank you for this awesome solution. It looks great!
Impressive, waiting for Browser dock support for Linux to enjoy this piece of art.
Great work, thanks again.