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Free Animated Lower Thirds with Dockable Control Panel v.1.3

Hi! Thank you for the positive reviews and constructive comments that you send.
This time brought a small but surely very useful update.

These are the new features:
  • Set timers for each panel. Keeping global times settings.
  • Number icons. To easily identify each panel with the hotkey settings.
  • Themes. Acri, Dark, Rachni. (Thnks to DanielRios549)
  • Visual fixes.

I hope you enjoy! ^^
Hi everybody! I would like to spend more time on it but I have promised to post it today.

These are the new features:

  • Sort the position of the edit panel for each lower third.
  • Change the name to better identify them.
  • Preview panel. By checking the magnifying glass you can see them on the panel before displaying them.
  • Change the opacity of the colors in the color picker.


For those of you who asked me, here is the repository:

In a few days I will make a video to better explain how it works.

I hope you enjoy using the tool! ^^
Hi! I'm very happy to share this new update.


I've added a lot of new features:
  • Each lower third has 10 memory slots.
  • 4 lower thirds to use simultaneously.
  • Hotkeys to turn on/off switches to show and hide the lower thirds (watch the video)
  • Edit panel:
    • They glow blue or red to know if they are active or inactive.
    • Styles - At the moment there are only 2. but they are very versatile. ;)
    • Logos - You can customize it by changing the png file.
    • Alignment - Any lower third can now be aligned however you want.
    • Colors - You can choose the colors that are used for the styles and the text.
    • You can change the position and the size of the lower third. The size of the texts and the line spacing.
    • Can change the font, uppercase and bold.
I leave an image of the layout of the edit panel.


I know there is a lot to improve. I hope you enjoy the new features.

I'm waiting for your comments and reviews. ;)