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great plugin!!! love it... one thing to make it even much better, adding the capability to set a max amount of memory to use.. if slows down the computer since it buffers to almost 100% of memory... I have two systems.. one with 64Gb and it froze after a little while... when i checked the resources on my computer, i noticed OBS was using 98 of memory available... I like to set it down to just 50 percent of memory... so that the system and software have enough memory available.. thank!!!
This has been happening more and more frequently with my upgrades over the last few months and now my memory usage is capping out rendering my stream useless.
@Exeldro can you look at this plugin again? Quite a few of us are having major issues. Thanks!


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Hi, I have installed new OBS version 3.0.0 and then 3.0.2 and tested the plugin. It crashes the entire app after using it. Any chance to fix this super useful tool?


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Hi everyone. Sorry for my english. Its not my mother language.
I stream amateur football games. And i use obs and plugin for replay. I have one question. If it is possible just tell me where i can found some information about this.
I need something like replay sorce plugin but i want to make not one replay video. In halftime pause i want to make something like highlights with goals and interesting moments. How can i do this?


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Merhabalar, öncelikle eklenti harika, emeğiniz için teşekkürler. Ancak bazı sorunlar var, tekrar oynatma sırasında çok fazla RAM tüketiyor, buna bir çözüm bildirirseniz çok iyi olur.


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Hi Exeldro, first off, awesome plugin! One issue I noticed on Mac OSX Big Sur: the trim start and trim end functions don't seem to work properly. I'll have the video paused at, say, 25% progress, trim the start, then click play, and when the video restarts, it will start at some other point, say, 50%. Has anyone else had problems with the trim function?

Also, I'm a software engineer and would love to contribute! Could you please add some rudimentary setup and building instructions in the GitHub repository?


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Thanks @Exeldro for the help, I've got it building now, and I'm trying to track down the issue further. What I'm seeing is that the trim functions work as expected when the video is playing. However, when I pause and press trim, the wrong values are getting set for the start and end timestamps. I'm still trying to wrap my head around why the two cases would be different.


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Another thing I'm really interested in would be frame stepping controls. Do you see any potential hurdles with implementing a feature like that? Does the underlying API you're using for media playback provide a frame step control? My use case would be for using a ShuttlePro wheel to step forward and backwards through frames.


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@SirCeacea frame stepping is possible to make as the source keeps al the frames raw in memory it knows what the previous and next one are. I will add it to my to do list, but feel free to make a pull request for it.


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Do you know if there's some way to capture multiple of the same hotkey strokes within a single update tick in OBS? I'm thinking if I map the frame advance to a scroll wheel and scroll _really_ fast, I'd want multiple frames to advance within a single tick.