obs crash

  1. A

    OBS CRASH everytime

    Anybody can help me? I have this crash every time, most the time when close the OBS, There are other problems to. I add 8 asio audio input and add filters, cameras, logos, for Music Band Streaming. Sometimes appear the latency beetween diferents Inputs. and all marks are fine, CPU 20% Bitrate...
  2. M

    OBS crashes on exit with WebSocket

    1. OBS works. WebSocket connection is working. 2. When I close the OBS, it crashes. I apologize for this description, my English is not very good. I hope everything is clear. Crash reports and logs are attached. Thank you. Logs.
  3. S

    OBS crash when it's just opened

    So I was playing F1 2020 while OBS studio is opened in the background because I wanted to do a test stream. I was playing, and then suddenly F1 quitted totally and I got an error message: "obs crashed". So both OBS and F1 crashed at the same time. What's the problem? Here is my crash report...
  4. B

    obs all of a sudden not working

    just a few days ago my obs stream was perfect, i ran it at 6000 kb/s @ 29.7 fps. no lag, dropped frames everything was green and running smoothly. now it's just not working for me anymore it's disconcerting constantly it will stay green for one second and them drop to 0 kb/s with dropped frames...
  5. Y

    Bug Report OBS Crashes while opening

    After update from OBS it crashes every time when I open OBS.Please help. Thanks
  6. I

    Question / Help OBS Crashing at 2 Hour mark

    hey im using a i9-9900k RTX 2080 32gb ram running at 6000 kbps encoder is the New Nvenc encoder runnning as admin obs keeps cxrashing at the 2 hour mark eveytime i stream, not sure what im doing wrong, i mainly stream Valorant which i already have a prety low settings to improve my fps.
  7. B

    Question / Help I desperately need some help

    I COULD REALLY USE SOME HELP, SO THANK IN ADVANCE TO ANY AND ALL WHO TAKE THE TIME TO RESPOND. I've been doing a nightly live chat that I stream using Skype and NDI in OBS that I stream to Mobcrush (that in turn sends it to Facebook and YouTube). In the past I've had a few times where the...
  8. D

    Bug Report OBS keeps wont load up on Macbook pro

    I keep having problems with OBS it keeps crashing on my macbook pro
  9. S

    Question / Help OBS recording using more and more VRAM each time then crashing with 'Failed to start recording' message.

    Hi guys, Bit of a strange problem. I record my content in many bits, so I record a bit, stop, then start and so on. After about 16 times of doing this, I get the 'Failed to start recording' error, with the message 'Starting the output failed. Please check the log for details'. I then restart...
  10. R

    Question / Help woops obs has crashed

    hey i need help with obs whenever i try rec or streaming it crashes and says woops obs has crashed and when i go to crash log it says its bc of atidxx64.dll
  11. TheBradMenendez

    Question / Help Issue w/NDI

    Hi all, So I updated obs to 24.0.6 and then installed NDI 4.7.1 last night, and no matter what I do, every time I add the NDI source to my scene, OBS crashes. I've tried removing NDI and re-installing with no luck. I made sure Catalina was updated, all the usual steps and no luck getting...
  12. T

    Question / Help OBS (24.0.3) crashes Java -Problem-

    Hey so I want to record a video using OBS (24.0.3) of Minecraft but whenever I try to record it crashes Minecraft. Minecraft version is 1.12.2 Computer Specs: Core: i5 2430M (2.40 GHz) GPU: AMD Radeon 6630 M RAM: 8 Gigabytes...
  13. L

    Question / Help obs crashing

    obs crashing every 5-10 min while streaming
  14. JonesGaming

    Question / Help OBS Suddenly crashing

    Hello, i am using OBS Studio for livestreaming almost every day the past 6 weeks and i never had any problems with it. But today i had 5 crashes during a 10h livestream and i do not know exactly what could cause those problems. Today i changed the encoding setting from "very-fast" to "faster"...
  15. I

    Question / Help NEED HELP

    I've used OBS to always stream, then 3 months ago OBS randomly kept crashing and never even let me reopen it again. When I restart my PC, it opens up and it says that it has sent the crash report to the clipboard. I downloaded Streamlabs OBS to see if it wouldn't crash, and everything was going...
  16. X

    Question / Help OBS crash when opening a game

    Hello, I've been having a big issue with streaming in my OBS studio recently. Here is the problem: I run the stream and everything is going well up until I open any game. For example: I start the stream and talk with people and then as soon as I open Fortnite, OBS just stops the stream and...
  17. Maafia

    Question / Help OBS Crashes every single time. Some one please help.

    Hey!! Hoping some one can please help me, I am using an rtx 2070 Super, and have a processor of i7-6700. My obs is being extremely disfunctional, and I've tried switching to Obs Streamlabs, but if I try importing settings it just crashes and closes with no notice. Sigh... some one please help me...
  18. E

    Question / Help OBS Crashes Every time when there is another program running

    Hello All, I started to have this problem occur this past week and now its very consistent in how frequent it crashes when another program is active like chrome is running. I would have only obs running on and it would be fine no issues but that's being poor use of hardware to have one program...
  19. D

    Question / Help obs not working [crash] [FIXED]

    so i was gonna record a video but when i opened it crashed here is the crash logs
  20. K

    Question / Help OBS Studio Crash

    hi, I've just beun to start streaming. While using no webcam everything is fine. Only 2 times I've had a crash (see logfile https://obsproject.com/logs/TgXwYRfENBKdhLJu) I've done a short research, but my drivers for the nvidia RTX 2060 are up to date. Also my windows 10 64 bit Pro Windows...